SSC CPO 2017 Questions Asked 7th July 2017 (All Slots) PDF Download


It is the last day of Central Police Organisation exam! SSC CPO exams are being held throughout the country in 2 shifts. This year Staff Selection Commission adopted the online method for conducting the CPO exam, due to which the level of questions are quite different. By now you might have understood the new pattern. If not, to help you get an idea of the new SSC CPO pattern we are providing you with all the Questions Asked in SSC CPO exams 2017. Before looking at the  SSC CPO Questions Asked 7th July 2017 take a look at the exam pattern of SSC CPO 2017

SSC CPO Exam Pattern

PartSubjectNo. of QsMax MarksNo. of
Shifts & Time
IReasoning50501st July
to 7th July:

Shift I:
10:00 –
12:00 am
Shift II:
2:45 –
4:45 pm


Here, are the questions asked in SSC CPO exam held on 7th July 2017.

SSC CPO Questions Asked 7th July 2017 (Shift 1)

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – General Knowledge

  • Bone to bone are connected by : Ligament
  • Which protocol used in receiving email ?
  • What is the Chemical formula of Quick lime?  CAO
  • Whose signature is there on Rupee one note- finance secretary
  • Who cannot vote for election of president-
  • Calcium oxy-chloride is – bleaching powder
  • In which of these tartaric acid not present –
  • Laser is invented by
  • One question on martial law
  • Amoeba digests its food through?
  • Given cell membrane present or not in plant cell ?
  • Economic survey of india conducted by –
  • Twindle term related to which sport ?
  • Which of the following is not a rabi crop ?
  • History event series vascodegama, Babur, Sepoy mutiny –
  • In which year Babar Invaded India ?
  • Red fort was built by ?
  • When we move left to right in a periodic table which remain constant? Electron proton neutron
  • Brics summit will be hosted by which country –
  • Madhubani related to which state ?
  • Neurons are related to: nervous system
  • Which of the following is abiotic?
  • Which of these is not found in Indus valley civilization: copper
  • Hsuan Tsang came to India under whose reign ?
  • What is the unit of Relative density ?
  • Relative density unit

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quants

To be updated soon

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – English

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·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – Reasoning

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See the SSC CPO Exam’s detailed analysis along with good attempts, difficulty level, expected cut offs, etc. for today:

SSC CPO Questions Asked 7th July 2017 (Shift 2)

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – General Knowledge

  1. Founder of kushan dynasty – Kujula Kadphises
  2. Base rate decided by RBI recently-
  3. Article 370 is related to- Jammu and Kashmir
  4. Force acting perpendicular to the surface-
  5. Which is not the unit of speed– m2/sec
  6. India made how many agreement with Russia-
  7. Plant dieases- citrus tanke, white rust of wheat ,all the above√√
  8. Who attended 2nd round table conference with mahatma gandhi- sarojini naidu
  9. What is coup-
  10. Mahavira birth place- Kundagram
  11. Law of motion given by- Newton
  12. Death valley is in- USA
  13. Bridge between India and srilanka-
  14. Kashida embroidery of which state- Jammu and Kashmi

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quants

  1. Volume of sphere is thrice to the volume of hemisphere. Find the ratio of their radii.
  2. 20 % of A’s share = 25% of B’s share = 15% of C’s share. Find the share of C when the total income is 94,000.
  3. A = 20% more than B, and B is 30% less than C. If A = 210. Find the value of C.
  4. Volumes of 2 cones are in the ratio 4:1. The height is in 1:4. Find the ratio of their areas

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – English

  1. Reading Comprehension – Economy based
  2. Idioms
  3. Synonyms and Antonyms
  4. Cloze test

·         SSC CPO Questions Asked – Reasoning

  1. 2:10 then 20:?

Expected SSC CPO Cut Off (SI & ASI) 2017

These expected cut off are for Sub Inspector & Assistant Sub Inspector post. This year there is a possibility that the cut off may be higher since the SSC CPO Paper is of easy level.

CategoryExpected Cut Off
OBC 94-10286-88

Previous Year SSC CPO Cut Off 2016 – SI & ASI

The table below shows SSC CPO Cut Off of Paper 1 for both Male & female candidates.

SSC CPO Paper I Cut Off – Male

CategorySSC CPO Cut off (Male)

SSC CPO Paper I Cut Off – Female

CategorySSC CPO Cut off (Female)



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