SSC CGL Questions Asked 8th August 2017 Tier I Exam (All Shifts)


SSC CGL Exam, one of the most sought out exam in the country is happening from 5th August 2017 to 24th August 2017. There are 3 shifts of the exam in total: Shift I (10-11 am), Shift II (1.15-2.15 pm) & Shift III (4.15-5.15 pm). To give you a better idea of difficulty level of the exam, we are providing you  SSC CGL Questions Asked 8th August 2017 in detail. Read SSC CGL Questions Asked 8th August 2017 for each shift carefully and try and solve them so as to give yourself some practice.

  1. Who wrote Citizen and society book?
    Answer: Shri Hamid Ansari
  2. Which was the Best Film in Oscars this year
    Answer: Moonlight
  3. Cholera Disease was discovered by
    Answer: Filippo Pacini
  4. Which Country Produces maximum Opium
    Answer: Afghanistan
  5. What acid is produced by Ant Sting
    Answer: Formic Acid
  6. Total Number of Writs issued by Supreme court
    Answer: 5
  7. Opium is a
    Answer: Sedative
  8. who has the rights to remove President before finish his tenure?
    Answer: Parliament
  9. Who said the lines: Swaraj is my birth right and I have it
    Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  10. Monument Built by Maharana Pratap?
    Answer: Chittorgarh Fort
  11. The largest Coast line in south India
    Answer: Andhra Pradesh
  12. With which country India did Water Treaty recently
    Answer: Bangladesh
  13. Temperature of Furnace is measured by?
    Answer: tuyère pyrometer
  14. Full Form Of LAN
    Answer: Local Area Network
  15. What type of MOU was done between India and China Recently?
    Answer: Defence
  16. Who is the Ex-Officio president of the Indian parliamentary Group
    Answer: Speaker of Lok Sabha
  17. Bud Grows from which part of the plant
    Answer: Branches
  18. The Largest State by Area is
    Answer: Rajasthan
  19. Gravitation Force is maximum at
    Answer: Pole
  20. Todarmal was associated with
    Answer: Akbar
  21. Instrument to measure Humidity
  22. Anemia is due to the deficiency Of
    Answer: Blood
  23. Filament of bulb is made up of
    Answer: Tungsten
  24. Galileo Law is also known as
    Answer: Newton’s First Law of Motion
  25. Which country was involved in Jal Sanrakshan Samjhauta ?
    Answer: Israel and India
  26. Vijay Stumbh was built by
    Answer: Rana Kumbha
  27. Itai-itai disease is caused by
    Answer: Cadmium Deficiency
  28.  The function of Xylem in plants
    Answer: Transport of Water
  29. Dandi dance belongs to which state
    Answer: Gujarat
  30. Which of the following is not a vector Quantity
    Answer: Speed
  31. Trees that loose all their leaves once a year are called
    Answer: Deciduous
  32. Who invented Dynamite
    Answer: Alfred Nobel
  33. Who said the following Quote “Back to vedas”
    Answer: Dayanand Saraswati
  34. How Many Fundamental Duties are there in the constitution
    Answer: Eleven
  35. what female anopheles cause?

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