Current Himachal Pradesh 2017 Ministers List with pdf download


Indian National Congress (INC) party leader Virbhadra Singh took charge as the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh on 25 December 2012 along with other ministers. The Government of Himachal Pradesh consists of 12 cabinet ministers and 9 Chief Parliamentary Secretaries.. The Cabinet of the state of Himachal Pradesh forms the executive branch of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha (Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly) consists of 68 members (MLA), and these members are elected for five years. Indian National Congress (INC) formed the Government under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh on 25 December 2012.

There are two types of the minister in state government, which is determined by the position or grade. The superior or primary being Cabinet Ministers “Cabinet Minister” and the junior or secondary being “minister of State”.

The following is a list of the ministers (state cabinet) in the Himachal Pradesh Government. The list contains ministers,Chief Parliamentary Secretaries and their Portfolios, political party, constituency

Cabinet ministers of Himachal Pradesh.

Cabinet Minister is the main in-charge of a ministry. A cabinet minister may also hold additional charges of other Ministries if no other cabinet ministers are appointed to take charge of that ministries. All Cabinet members are mandated by the constitution to be members of the Vidhan Sabha of Himachal Pradesh. cabinet ministers of Himachal Pradesh and their ministry are listed below.

Cabinet Ministers of Himachal Pradesh
NoMinister NameMinistries / PortfoliosConstituencyPolitical Party
1Virbhadra Singh
  1. Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh
  2. Home
  3. Finance
  4. Local Administration
  5. Public Works Development
INCShimla Rural
2Smt. Vidya Stokes
  1. Irrigation
  2. Public Health Minister
  3. Horticulture
  4. Information Technology
3Kaul Singh Thakur
  1. Health and Family Welfare Minister
  2. Revenue
  3. Law & Legal Remembrance
  4. Medical Education
4G. S. Bali
  1. Food
  2. Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
  3. Transport
  4. Technical Education
  5. Vocational & Industrial Training
5Sujan Singh Pathania
  1. MPP & Power
  2. Non-Conventional Energy Sources
  3. Agriculture
6Thakur Singh Bharmouri
  1. Forest
  2. Fisheries
7Mukesh Agnihotri
  1. Industry
  2. Labour & Employment
  3. Parliamentary Affairs
  4. Information & Public Relations
8Sudhir Sharma
  1. Urban Development
  2. Housing, Town & Country Planning
9Prakash Chaudhary
  1. Excise & Taxation
  2. Printing & Stationery
10Dhani Ram Shandil
  1. Social Justice & Empowerment
  2. Sainik Welfare
11Anil Kumar
  1. Rural Development
  2. Panchayati Raj
  3. Animal Husbandry
12Karan Singh
  1. Ayurveda
  2. Cooperation

Chief Parliamentary Secretaries

Chief Parliamentary Secretaries
NoChief Parliamentary Secretary NameMinistries / PortfoliosConstituencyPolitical Party
1Neeraj Bharti
  1. Education ( Attached with Chief Minister )
2Rajesh Dharmani
  1. Forest ( Attached with Forest Minister )
3Vinay Kumar
  1. Public Works ( Attached with Chief Minister )
INCSri Renukaji
4Jagjivan Paul
  1. Irrigation & Public Health ( Attached with Irrigation & Public Health Minister )
5Nand Lal
  1. Health ( Attached with Health & Family Welfare Minister )
6Rohit Thakur
  1. Agriculture ( Attached with MPP & Power Minister )
INCJubbal – Kotkhai
7Sohan Lal Thakur
  1. Panchayati Raj ( Attached with Rural Development Minister )
8Inder Dutt Lakhanpal
  1. Rural Development ( Attached with Rural Development Minister )
9Mansa Ram
  1. Tourism ( Attached with Chief Minister )
  2. Social Justice & Empowerment ( Attached with Social Justice & Empowerment Minister )



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