Current Haryana 2017 Ministers List with pdf download


Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manohar Lal Khattar took charge as the Chief Minister of Haryana on 26 October 2014 along with other ministers. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) formed the Government under the leadership of Manohar Lal Khattar on 26 October 2014.

On 22 July 2016 Haryana government Cabinet expansion took place in which Three new ministers is added. Manohar Lal Khattar inducted Three new faces in his council of ministers, One Cabinet and Two MoS ministers is added. on 23 July 2016 Three newly-inducted ministers were allocated portfolios, even as departments of several of the ministers were also reshuffled.

The Government of Haryana i.e. Haryana State Cabinet is now consists of total 15 Ministers including 9 Cabinet ministers and 6 MoS. The Cabinet of the state of Haryana forms the executive branch of the Government of Haryana.

There are two types of the minister in Haryana government, which is determined by the position or grade. The superior or primary being Cabinet Ministers “Cabinet Minister” and the junior or secondary being “minister of State”.

The following is a full list of Current ministers (state cabinet) in the Haryana Government. The list contains ministers and their Portfolios, political party, constituency. List also contains Chief Parliamentary Secretaries

New Ministers added in Haryana Government in 2016, including Cabinet Ministers and Minister of State(MoS)

The list contains new Ministers added on in July 2016 and their allocated Portfolios

New Ministers added on 22 July 2016 in Haryana Government
NoMinister NameMinister TypePortfoliosconstituencyPolitical Party
1Vipul GoyalCabinet Ministers
  1. Environment
  2. Industries and Commerce
  3. Industrial Training
2Manish GroverMinister of State (Mos)
  1. Cooperation ( Independent Charge )
  2. Printing and Stationery ( Independent Charge )
  3. Urban Local Bodies
3Banwari LalMinister of State (Mos)
  1. Public Health Engineering ( Independent Charge )
  2. Renewable Energy ( Attached with Chief Minister )

All Cabinet ministers of Haryana.

Cabinet Minister is the main in-charge of a ministry. A cabinet minister may also hold additional charges of other Ministries if no other cabinet ministers are appointed to take charge of that ministries. All Cabinet members are mandated by the constitution to be members of the Vidhan Sabha of Haryana. cabinet ministers of Haryana and their Portfolios are listed below.

Cabinet Ministers of Haryana 2017
NoMinister NameMinistries / PortfoliosConstituencyPolitical Party
1Manohar Lal Khattar
  1. Chief Minister of Haryana
  2. Home
  3. Power
  4. Town and Country Planning and Urban Estates
  5. General Administration
  6. Administration of Justice
  7. Architecture
  8. Electronics and Information Technology
  9. Jails
  10. Personnel and Training
  11. Raj Bhawan Affairs
  12. Renewable Energy
  13. Any department not specifically allotted to any Minister
2Ram Bilas Sharma
  1. Education and Languages
  2. Technical Education
  3. Tourism
  4. Civil Aviation
  5. Parliamentary Affairs
  6. Archaeology and Museums
  7. Hospitality
3Captain Abhimanyu
  1. Finance
  2. Revenue and Disaster Management
  3. Excise and Taxation
  4. Planning
  5. Law and Legislative
  6. Institutional Finance and Credit Control
  7. Consolidation
  8. Rehabilitation
  9. E.S.I.
4Om Prakash Dhankar
  1. Agriculture
  2. Development and Panchayats
  3. Irrigation
  4. Animal Husbandry and Dairying
  5. Fisheries
  6. Mines and Geology
5Anil Vij
  1. Health and Medical Education
  2. AYUSH
  3. Election
  4. Sports and Youth Affairs
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Archives
BJPAmbala Cantt.
6Narbir Singh
  1. Public Works (BandR)
  2. Forests
7Kavita Jain
  1. Social Justice and Empowerment
  2. Women and Child Development
  3. Urban Local Bodies
  4. Information, Public Relations
  5. Cultural Affairs
8Krishan Lal Panwar
  1. Transport
  2. Housing
  3. Jails
BJPIsrana (SC)
9Vipul Goyal
  1. Environment
  2. Industries and Commerce
  3. Industrial Training

Minister of state(MoS) of Haryana.

Minister of State (Mos) handles or takes charge of specific responsibility in that ministry. For example, a minister of state in the Education Ministry may only handle Primary Education. There are two types of the state minister in Haryana government, Minister of state with independent charge and Minister of state. “Minister of state” of Haryana and their Portfolios are listed below.

Ministers of State
NoMinister NameMinistries / PortfoliosConstituencyPolitical Party
1Bikram Singh Yadav
  1. Agriculture (Attached with Agriculture Minister )
2Krishan Kumar
  1. Social Justice and Empowerment
  2. Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes ( Independent Charge )
  3. Social Justice and Empowerment (Attached with Social Justice and Empowerment Minister )
  4. Women and Child Development (Attached with Women and Child Development Minister )
BJPShahbad (SC)
3Karan Dev Kamboj
  1. Food and Supplies ( Independent Charge )
  2. Forests ( Attached with Forests Minister )
4Nayab Singh
  1. Mines and Geology ( Attached with Chief Minister )
  2. Labour and Employment( Independent Charge )
5Manish Grover
  1. Cooperation ( Independent Charge )
  2. Printing and Stationery ( Independent Charge )
  3. Urban Local Bodies
6Banwari Lal
  1. Public Health Engineering ( Independent Charge )
  2. Renewable Energy ( Attached with Chief Minister )

Chief Parliamentary Secretaries

Chief Parliamentary Secretaries
NoSecretary NameMinistries / PortfoliosConstituencyPolitical Party
1Shyam Singh
  1. Jails( Attached with Chief Minister )
  2. Revenue
  3. Consolidation and Rehabilitation ( Attached with Finance Minister )
2Bakhshish Singh Virk
  1. Development and Panchayats
  2. ( Attached with Agriculture Minister )
3Smt. Seema Trikha
  1. Tourism and Hospitality
  2. ( Attached with Education Minister )
3Dr. Kamal Gupta
  1. Health ( Attached with Health Minister )

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