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30 November 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

     30 November 2017 Current Affairs Quiz
Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 30 November 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . The founding ceremony of International Solar Alliance was held in________
A). France
B). Spain
C). Russia
D). Germany
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2 . Indian Ocean Rim Association will set up a Centre of Excellence in _______
A). Chennai
B). Bengaluru
C). Kochi
D). Hyderabad
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3 . The National Press Day was celebrated on _______ to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India.
A). November 16
B). November 17
C). November 18
D). November 19
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4 . India's __________ has topped the Forbes list of Asia's richest families for the first time with a net worth of $44.8 billion.
A). Ambani family
B). Godrej family
C). Mittal family
D). Premji family
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5 . As per UN report Syria has signed up to the ______ Agreement on climate change.
A). New York
B). Hong Kong
C). London
D). Paris
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6 . According to a survey by Netflix Indians are the _______ highest public bingers in the world.
A). Second
B). Third
C). Fourth
D). Fifth
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7 . _________ has received this year's Rashtiya Bal Kalyan Award for his contributions in the field of education.
A). Sunil Kakar
B). Dilip Chauhan
C). Anand Kumar
D). Ajay Tyagi
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8 . _______'s President Borut Pahor has won second term in Runoff election.
A). Germany
B). Norway
C). Republic of Slovenia
D). Sweden
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9 . UN peacekeeping Defence Ministerial Conference 2017 was held in _______
A). Austria
B). Canada
C). Cambodia
D). Vietnam
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10 . The ________ government has approved the practice of yoga as a sports activity.
A). Saudi Arabia
B). Iraq
C). Iran
D). Serbia
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11 . _______ has launched world's first all-electric ship that can travel up to 80 km with 2000-tonnes cargo after a two-hour charge.
A). Japan
B). Russia
C). China
D). South Korea
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12 . India's first wave-powered navigational buoy was launched in ________
A). Thiruvananthapuram
B). Bengaluru
C). Hyderabad
D). Chennai
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13 . A report by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch India will become _______ largest economy by 2028.
A). Second
B). Third
C). Fourth
D). Fifth
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14 . Who among the following has become the first Indian to qualify for the CME Group Tour Championship on the LPGA?
A). Aditi Ashok
B). Anjali Bhagwat
C). Aditi Singh Rana
D). Bhuvaneshwari Kumari
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15 . Pakistan off-spinner _________ has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket.
A). Ur Ajmal
B). Yaseen Malik
C). Shoaib Malik
D). Saeed Ajmal
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