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21 December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

     21 December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz
Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 21 December 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . Human Rights Day was observed on ____
A). 10 December
B). 11 December
C). 12 December
D). 13 December
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2 . _______ will host the two-day long Asean-India Connectivity Summit.
A). Bangalore
B). New Delhi
C). Chennai
D). Mumbai
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3 . Indian Diving Team has won altogether____medals in Indonesia Open Aquatic.
A). Six
B). Seven
C). Eight
D). Nine
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4 . Which country has started world's biggest floating solar power plant recently?
A). Brazil
B). Russia
C). China
D). Japan
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5 . India's largest carmaker _____ has become India's sixth most valued firm.
A). Tata Motors
B). Hyundai Motor India
C). Maruti Suzuki
D). Mahindra & Mahindra
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6 . Senior IAS officer _____ has taken charge as the Chairman and Managing Director of Air India.
A). Sanjay Johri
B). Sambhaji Zanzan Patil
C). Rajiv Bansal
D). Pradeep Singh Kharola
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7 . Who among the following has been elected as Indian National Congress President?
A). Shashi Tharoor
B). Priyanka Gandhi
C). Rahul Gandhi
D). Sonia Gandhi
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8 . India has defeated _______________in the Hockey World League Final to grab the bronze medal.
A). Chili
B). Finland
C). Germany
D). Pakistan
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9 . Pioneer of DNA fingerprinting technology in India and former Vice-Chancellor of Benares Hindu University BHU passed away recently. Name him.
A). Lalji Singh
B). SV Sunil
C). Harmanpreet Singh
D). Rajesh Devraj
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10 . Who among the following was on the top of 2017 Forbes' annual world's highest-paid musician list shows?
A). Drake
B). Diddy
C). Coldplay
D). Beyonc�
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11 . Russia-India-China foreign ministers meet was held in ____________
A). Hyderabad
B). New Delhi
C). Chennai
D). Mumbai
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12 . Eminent Hindi writer Mamta Kalia will be honoured with literary award Vyas Samman for year 2017 for her novel �����_
A). Beghar
B). Dukkham Sukkham
C). Janch Abhi Jaari Hai
D). Bolne Wali Aurat
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13 . Veteran journalist passed away due to old age-related health problems. Name him.
A). Sukharanjan Sengupta
B). Ajay Bisaria
C). Ashish Srivastava
D). Palvai Govardhan Reddy
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14 . Which state will soon get its first naval museum?
A). Tamil Nadu
B). West Bengal
C). Madhya Pradesh
D). Uttarakhand
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15 . Who among the following has been appointed as RBI Executive Director?
A). Meena Hemchandra
B). P.B.Balaji
C). KV Rama Moorthy
D). Uma Shankar
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