Friday, 20 October 2017

General Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO main Exams 2017

     General Awareness Quiz for IBPS main Exams
Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today (General Awareness Quiz MCQ for All Bank exams IBPS & SBI PO , clerk Main exams

1 . Financial services delivering at less cost or at no cost, to sections of disadvantaged and low income segments of society is called ........
A). Financial Inclusion
B). Financial Interpretation
C). Financial Selection
D). Financial Interpretation
E). Financial Extremism
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2 . The Regional Rural Banks were established in .....
A). 1935
B). 1935
C). 1982
D). 1921
E). 1975
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3 . RRB Act was passed in ___ with a view to develop the rural economy by providing, for the purpose of development of agriculture, trade, commerce, industry and other productive activities in the rural areas
A). 1982
B). 2000
C). 1976
D). 1991
E). 2001
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4 . Which among the following is the first Regional Rural Bank of India?
A). Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank
B). Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
C). Prathama Bank
D). Ellaquai Dehati Bank
E). Gramin Bank of Aryavart
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5 . Prathama Bank opened on 2 October 1975 in the district of Moradabad in ___ sponsored by Syndicate Bank
A). Uttar Pradesh
B). Madhya Pradesh
C). Odisha
D). Jammu and Kashmir
E). Punjab
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6 . In 2015, the RRB Act was amended. As per it, the combined shareholding of the central government and the sponsor bank should not be lower than ......
A). 75%
B). 20%
C). 26%
D). 51%
E). 49%
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7 . As per the amended Act 2015, if the state government's stake comes down to below_____in RRB, then the central government needs to consult the state government concerned
A). 15%
B). 21%
C). 19%
D). 24%
E). 10%
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8 . RBI in 2001 constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of ..... on 'Flow of Credit to Agriculture and Related Activities from the Banking System' which examined relevance of RRBs in the rural credit system and the alternatives for making it viable
A). Chakrabarthi
B). Narsimhan
C). Dr. V. S Vyas
D). Rangarajan
E). Usha Thorat
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9 . NRBI mooted for the efficient working of RRBs. NRBI means ......
A). National Regional Bank of India
B). Now Rural Bank of India
C). National Run Bank of India
D). National Rural Bank of India
E). None of these
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10 . With a view to bringing the CRAR of RRBs to at least 9%, which Committee recommended recapitalisation support to the extent of Rs.2,200 crore to 40 RRBs in 21 States?
A). Usha Thorat
B). Narasimhan
C). K.C. Chakrabarty
D). H.R. Khan
E). Bibek Debroy
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