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How to solve puzzles in IBPS PO Exam

Dear Aspirants , Here find article on  How to solve puzzles in IBPS PO Exam (tips)
Tips to solve Puzzles for IBPS PO 2017
In banking exams reasoning is an important section. For selection one must be good in this section. In reasoning section, the most important topic is Puzzle. In this article we will explore the way of solving puzzles in IBPS PO exam in less time, in order to help you score more in this topic.
The IBPS PO exam is of two tiers, preliminary and mains exams. The number and level of Puzzles are different in different tiers. In prelims exam, the level of Puzzles remain Easy to Moderate. While in main exam the level of exam remains Moderate to Difficult. The art of categorizing puzzles in these three levels is the foremost requirement. The ways of categorizing are: -
Easy Level: - The easy level puzzles are those which:-
  • The puzzles having one or two parameters only
  • The puzzles having positive statements
  • The puzzles having independent statements
  • The questions are direct and not calculative
  • The options are direct not tricky
Moderate Level: - The moderate level puzzles are those which:-
  • The puzzles having three or four parameters
  • The puzzles having mix of positive and negative statements
  • The puzzles having some inter related statements
  • The questions involve some sort of calculations
  • The options are tricky but not all
Difficult Level: - The difficult level puzzles are those which:-
  • The puzzles having four or more than four parameters
  • Puzzles having almost all negative statements
  • Puzzles having most of statements interrelated
  • The questions involve calculations
  • The options are tricky
First of all, go through all puzzles quickly and categories them in the above three categories. Always start puzzles from easy to difficult level. You can try free mock test for IBPS PO exam. It will boost the confidence and help candidates in securing good marks.
Now the next big question is how to approach Moderate and Difficult puzzles? The answer to this question is given below:-
Step 1:- Read the complete paragraph at once (in ½ to 1 minute)
Step 2:- Write statements in short hand notes.
For example: - Taking the example of Puzzle asked in SBI PO 2017 (Memory based)
There are 8 persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H standing on gates of 2 rectangular parks. The rectangular parks are such that one is small and second large with small inside the larger one. The gates are on the 4 sides of park. The ones on outer park are standing facing center and ones on inner park are standing facing outside the center. So in this way, the persons are facing each other when they are standing on same side of parks. There is one person standing between B and D. C faces B. A is to the immediate right of C. G is not either to the immediate right or immediate left of D. G faces neither D nor F. One person is standing between H and F. E is facing the center.
Convert line by line into short notes:-
Step 4:- Now using statements E Outer. The possibilities 2.1 and 2.2 are ruled out and thus possibility 2 also ruled out.
Now only possibility is case 1 and also using statements G not face D, F:-
Thus by following a rational approach we can easily solve puzzles. The candidates can expect new pattern puzzles in exam. But if they follow this rational approach of solving puzzle in steps, they can easily solve puzzles of new type also.
The candidates are advised to go through the following tips for various types of puzzles:-
Seating arrangements with blood relation:-
  • In such puzzles make blood relation tree separately
  • Use direct and concurrent statements first to avoid cases
  • Find the related statements and make arrangements accordingly
  • Take care of left and right of persons facing center and facing outside
Floor based puzzles with parameters:-
  • In such puzzles make a separate table for classifying those parameters
  • Use direct and positive statements first
  • Use negative statements in avoiding cases
  • Take care of language of statements
Flow chart based puzzles:-
  • In flow chart based puzzles take care of conditions while following a path. First gather all relevant information only than start following a particular path
  • Take care of loops formed in data flow chart while solving questions
  • It’s better to go through all branches of flow chart once
  • Do a cross check of solutions
Scheduling based Puzzles:-
  • In such puzzles read complete puzzle once and write down parameters
  • Make a neat and clean table according to the parameters
  • Start with concurrent statements and keep on filling the table
  • Use negative statements in avoiding number of cases
These are the important points which candidates must keep in mind while attempting reasoning section of IBPS PO exam. The skill of solving puzzles develops with practice and consistency; therefore, the candidates are advised to practice as many puzzles as they can while preparing for the exam. It also helps candidates in identifying their grey areas.
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