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19 August 2017 Current Affairs Mcq Quiz

    19 August 2017 Current Affairs Mcq Quiz
Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 19 August 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . Veteran scientist and popular science communicator passed away. Name him
A). Haraprasad Das
B). C. Narayana Reddy
C). R.K. Sharma
D). Yash Pal
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2 . Which country has inducted the world's largest aircraft carrier worth Rs.83000 crore?
A). US
B). China
C). Russia
D). North Korea
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3 . Eminent space scientist and former Indian Space Research Organisation passed away. Name him.
A). Udupi Ramachandra Rao
B). Swarup Kumar Parida
C). Manjul Bhargava
D). Kubersingh Saklecha
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4 . Who among the following will be the next spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs?
A). K.E. Mammen
B). R.K. Sharma
C). Gopal Baglay
D). Raveesh Kumar
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5 . India and _________ have signed a pact to connect both the countries by waterways.
A). Sweden
B). Belgium
C). Germany
D). Bangladesh
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6 . India has ranked _____ out of 152 countries in 'Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index' released by international NGO Oxfam.
A). 112
B). 122
C). 132
D). 142
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7 . Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju has inaugurated the Research Institution of World Ancient, Traditional, Culture & Heritage (RIWATCH) Museum in which state?
A). Manipur
B). Mizoram
C). Tripura
D). Arunachal Pradesh
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8 . Which state Chief Minister has launched 'Mission Football' to help develop skills of football enthusiasts?
A). Mizoram
B). Meghalaya
C). Manipur
D). Tripura
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9 . Which country will host the fifth Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) soon?
A). Norway
B). Germany
C). China
D). India
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10 . Senior Congress leader and Ex-MP passed away. Name him.
A). Vasantrao Naik
B). Shivajirao Patil
C). Shankarrao Chavan
D). Vasantdada Patil
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11 . Who among the following has been appointed as UK supreme court's first female president?
A). Elsa Martinelli
B). Brenda Hale
C). Vera Farmiga
D). Laura Marano
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12 . India is collaborating with which country on research and development of traditional medicines for various diseases including cancer?
A). Germany
B). Japan
C). US
D). UK
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13 . The UN has selected which country as its data hub for the Middle East North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region?
A). Egypt
B). Israel
C). Saudi Arabia
D). Dubai
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14 . Which bank has launched a Met Loan & Life Suraksha' (MLLS) for its customers recently?
A). Vijaya Bank
B). Indian Bank
C). Canara Bank
D). Karnataka Bank
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15 . Toronto Film Festival Gala will honour whom among the following actress for her contribution in acting field?
A). Deepika Padukone
B). Priyanka Chopra
C). Sonam Kapoor
D). Disha Patani
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