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05 August 2017 Current Affairs Mcq Quiz

Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 05 August 2017) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . Former Australia and French Open Tennis champion passed away recently. Name him.
A). Kenneth Arrow
B). Robert Solow
C). Mervyn Rose
D). Emmanuel Macron
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2 . Who among the following will take over as new takes over as Director General of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence?
A). Debi Prasad Dash
B). Fateh Singh Dhillon
C). Sambhaji Zanzan Patil
D). Anhad Jawanda
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3 . ....... and Inter- American Investment Corporation (IIC) have signed a pact to help traders boost relations between India and Latin America.
A). Axis Bank
B). DCB Bank
C). RBL Bank
D). YES Bank
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4 . As per Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Food and Agriculture Organization report, which country will become largest milk producer in 2026?
A). US
B). UK
C). Australia
D). India
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5 . A new committee has formed to study legalities for separate state flag in which state?
A). Arunachal Pradesh
B). Odisha
C). Karnataka
D). Nagaland
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6 . Which state government has launched e-RTI and has become second to accept online applications?
A). Delhi
B). Maharashtra
C). Haryana
D). Punjab
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7 . Which state government will set up an international standard sports city?
A). West Bengal
B). Odisha
C). Tamil Nadu
D). Karnataka
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8 . Which state government has launched the 'Antara' program injectable contraceptive for women at free of cost?
A). Maharashtra
B). Goa
C). Gujarat
D). Madhya Pradesh
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9 . According to the RBI officials, India's forex reserve at record high of........
A). $186.53 billion
B). $286.53 billion
C). $386.53 billion
D). $486.53 billion
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10 . Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has signed a MoU with government of ...... to set up Centre of Excellence in Transfusion Medicine.
A). West Bengal
B). Odisha
C). Tamil Nadu
D). Karnataka
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11 . Who among the following will take over as new CEO of Vistara Airlines?
A). Choe Chol
B). Aldoms Suguro
C). Leslie Thng
D). Phee Teik Yeoh
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12 . Former Indian Ambassador to U.S. and and Padma Vibhushan awardee passed away recently. Name him.
A). Lalit Mohan Das
B). Swarup Kumar Parida
C). Naresh Chandra
D). Kubersingh Saklecha
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13 . Veteran water expert and former chairman of Cauvery Technical Cell passed away recently. Name him.
A). A. Mohanakrishnan
B). B K Manjunath
C). Chandrasekhar Rao
D). Ramkumar Ramanathan
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14 . The e-book called 'Cryptocurrency for Beginners' was recently launched by who among the following?
A). Amit Bhardwaj
B). Anuj Mathur
C). Manpreet Kaur
D). Govindan Laxman
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15 . Which among the following city has got UNESCO world heritage status?
A). Oklahome
B). Nagasaki
C). Hiroshima
D). Okinoshima
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