Monday, 3 July 2017

ssc cgl general awareness questions : one liner set 4

ssc cgl general awareness questions : one liner set 4

1 . Who was the Prime Minister of India when the Anti-Defection Bill was passed?

2 . Which UN agency has its headquarters at Paris?

3 . Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction is related to the which thing?

4 . When a forge in body inter into blood circulatory system the reaction is started by cells?

5 . How many votes are entitled for members of the UN Economic and Social Council?

6 . Who was a contemporary of Chinghiz Khan?

7 . Which South Asian country has the highest population density?

8 . Volume of air inspired or expired with each normal breath is known as which name?

9 . Who was defeated at kannauj in the hands of Sher Shah in 1540?

10 . Which continent has the lowest birth and death rates?

11 . During whose reign did Sir Thomas Roe have regular attendance at the Mughal court to secure commercial privilege?

12 . From where must the authorization for the withdrawal of funds from Consolidated Fund of India come?

13 . When is a galvanometer converted into an ammeter?

14 . Which element is used as common catalyst?

15 . Which land mark in medical history was the first to take place?

16 . Who accords recognition to various political India as National or Regional Parties?

17 . Which material is very hard and very ductile?

18 . What is the a biological process in which glucose and fat is oxidised to liberate energy?

19 . Oxygen released during photosynthesis of green plant comes from the breakdown of which thing?

20 . The pressure at the bottom of a liquid tank does not depend on which area?

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