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20 July 2017 Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 20 July 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams
20 July 2017 Current Affairs MCQ Quiz
1 . Which company will soon invest $10 million in Indian market to expand its phone manufacturing operations?
B). Dixon
C). Foxconn
D). InFocus
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2 . Which state will soon become the first state in India to have a blood bank for cattle?
A). West Bengal
B). Odisha
C). Tamilnadu
D). Karnataka
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3 . Which city has been declared as the World Book Capital by UNESCO for the year 2019?
A). Shanghai
B). Sharjah
C). Paris
D). Moscow
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4 . Who among the following has been appointed as the new member of UPSC?
A). Manoj Soni
B). Sriram Kalyanaraman
C). Rahul Mishra
D). Ruchir Kamboj
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5 . CA Technologies and ............................ have signed a collaboration agreement to set up a Co-innovation Lab at ......................... campus.
A). IIT Mumbai
B). IIT Delhi
C). IIT Hyderabad
D). IIT Khadagpur
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6 . The men and women throw ball teams of which country have scripted history by bagging gold medal each in the World Games?
A). India
B). Pakistan
C). China
D). South Africa
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7 . Who among the following will head a newly-formed seven-member special committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?
A). C.K. Khanna
B). Rajeev Shukla
C). Sourav Ganguly
D). Amitabh Choudhary
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8 . Who among the following sportsperson will be awarded with Bharat Gaurav East Bengal football club's highest honour?
A). Dhanraj Pillay
B). Virat Kohli
C). MS Dhoni
D). PV Sindhu
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9 . Who among the following has been appointed as the new president of the International Economic Association?
A). Amartya Sen
B). Robert Solow
C). Kenneth Arrow
D). Kaushik Basu
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10 . The automated teller machine (ATM) has recently marked its ......... anniversary.
A). 30
B). 40
C). 50
D). 60
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11 . Indians have become the .................. largest group of migrants living in Australia.
A). Second
B). Third
C). Fourth
D). Fifth
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12 . India has secured ............. place in recently held ISSF Junior Shooting World Championship.
A). Second
B). Third
C). Fourth
D). Fifth
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13 . Which state government has signed an agreement with Asian Development Bank for loan of Rs 1950 crores for strengthening of roads?
A). Rajasthan
B). Bihar
C). Uttar Pradesh
D). Madhya Pradesh
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14 . Which company has tied up with pen manufacturer Flair to re-launch its product in India?
A). Montblanc
B). Reynolds
C). Pelikan
D). Graf Von Faber-Castell
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15 . Which state government has recently decided to increase the retirement age of employees to 60 years?
A). Bihar
B). Andhra Pradesh
C). Karnataka
D). Madhya Pradesh
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