Friday, 2 June 2017

SBI PO General Awareness Quiz 4

1 . NAMA word is related to which organisation ?
A). World Trade Organisation
C). International Monetary Fund
D). World Bank
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2 . WADA(World Anti Doping Agency) is related with-----------
A). Insurance
B). Stock Exchange
C). Government Securities
D). Dope Testing
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3 . Bank Rate is----------
A). Rate at which commercial banks borrow long term funds from central Bank
B). Rate at which commercial banks borrow short term funds from central bank.
C). currently Bank rate is 8.5%
D). Both 1 and 3
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4 . Which of the following statements is/are TRUE about Share Market ?
(A)Share Market is operated in stock exchange.
(B)In India Saurastra stock exchange and Kanpur stock exchanges are closed recently .
(C) In India 22 Stock Exchange are in operating condition.
A). Only A
B). Only B
C). A and B
D). All of the above
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5 . Which of the following organisations releases "World Economic Outlook" Report ?
A). Asian Development Bank
B). World Bank
C). International Monetary Fund
D). World Trade Organisation
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6 . Money laundering is related to ----------------------------
A). To reduce the number of families which lives below poverty line
B). To reduce the NPA of Banks
C). To reduce the Black Money
D). To reduce the unemployment rate.
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7 . In which year Public Debt Act was passed ?
A). 1938
B). 1940
C). 1944
D). 1948
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8 . Which of the following is not included in Indian Economy ?
A). M$_1$
B). M$_2$
C). M$_3$
D). M, Both
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9 . National Income indicates -
A). The number of families below poverty line
B). Goods and Services in Economy
C). Growth of Economy
D). 2 and 3
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10 . The first five year plan was started in ---------
A). 1939
B). 1949
C). 1951
D). 1956
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