Thursday, 1 June 2017

SBI PO 2017 General Awareness Quiz 1

1 . In which year Punjab National Bank was established ?
A). 1880
B). 1887
C). 1894
D). 1900
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2 . Consider the following statements about Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
(A) MPI focuses on education, health & living standard as a supplement to income based measure of poverty
(B) India ranks 63rd in MPI based poverty ranking among 104 developing countries.
(C) Bihar is the second poorest state in India on the basis of MPI based poverty ranking.
Which of above statement(s) is/ are true ?
A). Only A and B
B). Only B and C
C). Only A and C
D). All A, B and C
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3 . What is the upper limit of RTGS transactions in India ?
A). No limit
B). Rs. 10 Lacs
C). Rs. 50 Lacs
D). Rs. 20 Lacs
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4 . Open unemployment refers to people-
A). Who are not willing to work
B). Who are willing but do not get work
C). Who leave their jobs in search of better jobs
D). None of these
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5 . 'Open Market Operation' is a part of-
A). Income Policy
B). Fiscal Policy
C). Credit Policy
D). Labour Policy
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6 . SDR, the currency of the IMF , is in the form of-
A). Paper Currency
B). Gold
C). Silver and Gold both
D). Book Keeping entry only
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7 . Which of the statements given below is/are incorrect ?
(A) United Stock Exchange is the fourth country level exchange of India.
(B) It is headquartered at Mumbai.
(C) It will trade in six foreign currency derivatives.
A). Only A and B
B). Only B and C
C). Only A and C
D). Only C
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8 . In India, National income is estimated by ?
A). Planning Commission
B). Indian Statistical Institute
C). Central Statistical Office
D). National Sample Survey Organisation
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9 . Hindu Rate of Growth refers to the rate of growth of
B). Population
C). Foodgrains
D). Per Capita Income
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10 . Which one of the following is not an objective of fiscal policy of Indian Government ?
A). Full employment
B). Regulation of Inter-state-trade
C). Price stability
D). Equitable distribution of wealth and Income
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