Thursday, 22 June 2017

Banking Awareness Set 8

1 . Which of the following term is used in banking and finance ?
A). Cathode
B). Diabetic
C). Equity
D). Obese

2 . Consider the following & state which of them are TRUE ?
(A) New Foreign Contribution Regulation Act has come into force.
(B) Under the law, no political party can receive foreign funds as donation.
(C) The act says in case of any organisation receiving funds over 10 lakh, bank will immediately inform govt. to enable agencies to track funds.
(D) There are over 40000 organisations receiving foreign contribution in country out of which only 18000 report the inflow of funds & submit their accounts.
A). All are true
B). Only D
C). B and D
D). Only C

3 . Committee related with the merger of regional rural banks with their sponsor banks is-------
A). Khusro committee
B). khan committee
C). Malegam committee
D). Hitlon Young Committee

4 . Functions of NBFC includes-----------
A). Equipment Leasing
B). Term Deposits
C). Housing Finance and Investment in Financial Securities
D). None of these

5 . What does PMLA stands for ?
A). Primary Money Launching Authority
B). Preventing Money Launching Act
C). Promoting Money Laundering Act
D). Prevention of Money Laundering Act

6 . Bad debts recovered is a ------for the organisation.
A). Expense
B). Debt
C). Income
D). Assets

7 . Which of the following term is not used in Banking/Finance ?
A). Revenue
B). Epicentre
C). Commercial Papers
D). Consolidated Fund

8 . Which of the following maintains the RIDF (Rural Infrastructure Development Fund) ?

9 . What does a rise in SENSEX means ?
A). Rise in price of all companies belonging to U.K.
B). Overall rise in prices of shares of companies registered in BSE
C). Overall rise in prices of shares of companies registered in NSE
D). Rise in prices of shares of companies of America

10 . Which of the following in India formulates the fiscal policy?
A). Finance commission
C). Ministry of Finance
D). Planning Commission

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