Monday, 19 June 2017

Banking Awareness Set 7

1 . Which among the following will settle the grievances of customers of banks?
A). State Bank of India
B). Banking Ombudsmen
C). Local Courts
D). Nationalised Banks

2 . What was the targeted growth rate for 2012-17 in the 12th Five Y ear Plan?
A). 8%
B). 10-11%
C). 9.6%
D). 9.5-9.75%

3 . Gilt - Edged market means-------
A). Bull market
B). Gun market
C). Market of Government securities
D). Market of pure metal

4 . Many times we have read about ULIP in newspapers. ULIP stands for ________.
A). United Loaded Investment Plan
B). Universal Loan Investment Plan
C). Unit Life Insurance Plan
D). Unit Linked Insurance Plan

5 . Devaluation of currency results in ____
A). Increased export and import
B). Trade deficit
C). Increased export and improvement in balance of payment
D). Increased import and foreign reserve deficiency

6 . The Govt. of India replaced the FERA by _______
C). Monopolies Act

7 . Banking which involves mobilizing large part of the deposits in risk free assets such as government securities is called _______
A). Overseas Banking
B). Offshore Banking
C). Islamic Banking
D). Narrow Banking

8 . What is the full form of REER?
A). Real Earning Emergent Ratio
B). Real Elective Effective Ratio
C). Real Effective Exchange Rate
D). Role Effective Earned Rate

9 . Consider the following statements and state which of them are true?
A. The planning commission's 40 members steering committee on Health will advise panel on the twelfth five year plan.
B. The 40 member committee on Health is chaired by Syeda Hameed.
C. The steering committee will review the National Health Policy , as well as explore the possibility of adopting the Right to Health as an approach with focus on women, children & preventive & curative healthcare.
A). Only B
B). Only C
C). A and C
D). All are true

10 . IRDA announced a Health Insurance Policy Portability . This will be implemented from _______
A). 1 April, 2011
B). 1 August, 2011
C). 1 September, 2011
D). 1 July , 2011

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