Friday, 16 June 2017

Banking Awareness Set 5

1 . The debenture holders of a company are its_____.
A). Employees
B). Debtors
C). Creditors
D). Partners

2 . Ministry of Communications and IT has launched a social security scheme the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) -------------.
A). To provide financial security to Gramin Dak Sevaks
B). To provide insurance for the rural poor
C). To provide risk cover for the urban slums
D). None of these

3 . In which year National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established in _____
A). 1991
B). 1982
C). 1952
D). 1968

4 . In banking terminology bad loans refer to ------------------.
A). Bad debts
B). Non performing assets
C). underwriting assets
D). Fictitious assets

5 . Which of the following department is not a part of Finance Ministry of India ?
A). Department of Revenue
B). Department of Expenditure
C). Department of Economic Affairs
D). Department of industrial policy and promotion

6 . Which of the following is the name of a Private Sector Bank in India ?
A). IDBI Bank
B). Axis Bank
C). Corporation Bank
D). UCO Bank

7 . What is an Indian Depository Receipt ?
A). A deposit account with a Public Sector Bank
B). A depository account with any of Depositories in India
C). An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying equity shares of the issuing company
D). An instrument in the form of deposit receipt issued by Indian depositories

8 . Which is included in Capital budget ?
A). Income Received from public borrowings
B). Income received from tax - sources
C). Income received from non-tax sources
D). All of the above

9 . Mobile banking is set to get a boost from IMPS, which stands for----------------
A). Inter-Bank Mobile Payment Service
B). Inter-Bank Money Portability Service
C). Intra-Bank Mobile Payment System
D). Inter-Bank Money Preventing System

10 . What is the full form of NSDL?
A). National Securities Depository Limited
B). National Securities Demanding Liability
C). National Sample Depository Limited
D). National Sample Driven Land

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