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27 June 2017 Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 27 June 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . According to the latest research published in the journal proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which is the oldest planet in the solar system?
A). Mars
B). Jupiter
C). Earth
D). Venus
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2 . Who among the following was honoured with the Order of the Companion of Australia for renowned service to medicine by British Queen Elizabeth II?
A). Professor Rajiv Khanna
B). Unnikrishnan Velayudhan Pilla
C). Helmut Kohl
D). Ajaib Singh Bhatti
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3 . An MOU has been signed between India and ...................... for the co-operation of youth matter.
A). Sweden
B). South Korea
C). Italy
D). Armenia
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4 . Ola has raised about .......... million dollars from New York based hedge fund.
A). 40
B). 50
C). 60
D). 70
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5 . Who among the following was appointed as India's Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union?
A). Reenat Sandhu
B). Kajal Singh
C). Gaitri Issar Kumar
D). Neeru Chadha
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6 . The World Bank has recently approved more than $500 million for ............... to boost economy.
A). Afghanistan
B). Russia
C). England
D). India
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7 . Minister of State for External Affairs Gen VK Singh has attended BRICS Foreign Ministers meet which was held in ..................
A). Delhi
B). Brazil
C). Beijing
D). Seoul
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8 . Who among the following is the new as Executive Vice President (Services) in Goods and Services Tax Network?
A). Kajal Singh
B). Neeru Chadha
C). Gaitri Issar Kumar
D). Reenat Sandhu
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9 . Who among the following is the next President of the National Students Union of India, the student's wing of Congress?
A). Fairoz Khan
B). Rajeev Shahare
C). Ajit Vinayak Gupte
D). G Parameshwara
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10 . Ariana Grande will become the first honorary citizen of ...................... after her contributions to the city.
A). New York
B). London
C). Paris
D). Manchester
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11 . The Reserve Bank of India has placed restrictions on banking activities of which bank?
A). Bank of Baroda
B). Bank of India
C). Punjab National Bank
D). Central Bank of India
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12 . Which is the only public sector bank to secure the'high' rating for code compliance as per the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India 2017 ?
A). State Bank of India
B). UCO bank
C). IDBI Bank
D). Punjab National Bank
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13 . In Global Innovation Index rankings 2017, India has secured ......... position.
A). 40
B). 50
C). 60
D). 70
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14 . As per the United Nations, which country has topped the global remittance-receiving list of nations?
A). UK
B). Canada
C). India
D). China
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15 . The Indian Railways will soon induct around ..................... refurbished coaches to provide world-class amenities to passengers.
A). 10,000
B). 20,000
C). 30,000
D). 40,000
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