Tuesday, 13 June 2017

12-13 June 2017 Current Affairs Mcq Quiz

Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 12-13 June 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . Communications satellite ................. is the heaviest to be lifted by an Indian rocket GSLV-Mk III to an altitude of around 179 km above the earth.
A). GSAT-16
B). GSAT-17
C). GSAT-18
D). GSAT-19
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2 . As per the World Bank, global economy is expected to grow by .......... for 2017.
A). 1.7%
B). 2.7%
C). 3.7%
D). 4.7%
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3 . HDFC Ltd has acquired a ........ stake in Tanzania's First Housing Finance for $1.5 million.
A). 13%
B). 14%
C). 15%
D). 16%
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4 . Renminbi is the currency of which among the following country?
A). Germany
B). Russia
C). Japan
D). China
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5 . Who among the following is the Secretary of UN General Assembly?
A). Peter Thomson
B). Antonio Guterres
C). Antonio Thomson
D). Peter Guterres
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6 . Who among the following is the governor of Maharashtra?
A). Devendra Fadnavis
B). C. Vidyasagar Rao
C). T.S.V. Hari
D). Sharad Kumar Jain
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7 . Leo Varadkar will soon become the next Prime Minister of ...................
A). Ireland
B). Iceland
C). Spain
D). Austria
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8 . India and Russia have signed an agreement on setting up two more units of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in......................
A). Tamil Nadu
B). Karnataka
C). Kerala
D). Andhra Pradesh
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9 . Urjit Patel is the ........ Governor of Reserve Bank of India.
A). 22
B). 23
C). 24
D). 25
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10 . Telangana is the 29th state of India and it was formed in which year?
A). 2011
B). 2012
C). 2013
D). 2014
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11 . Who among the following was the first Finance Minister of Independent India?
A). Roop Kudva
B). Shaktikanta Das
C). Tapan Ray
D). Ramasamy Chetty
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12 . Who among the following is the new MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank?
A). Sunil Mehta
B). Anil Mehta
C). Ajay Mehta
D). Vijay Mehta
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13 . Who among the following is the President of Asian Development Bank?
A). Takehiko Nakao
B). Frank-Walter Steinmeier
C). Joseph Goebbels
D). Martin Bormann
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14 . Who among the following is the Odisha Governor?
A). Shashi Shekar Vempati
B). Shaktikanta Das
C). Tapan Ray
D). Senayangba Chubatoshi Jamir
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15 . Who among the following is the Chief Minister of Telangana?
A). K Chandrasekhar Rao
B). Gairul Hasan Rizvi
C). George Kurian
D). E S L Narsimhan
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