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03 June 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

Dear Aspirants, IBPS guru Provides Today ( 03 June 2017 ) Current Affairs Quiz MCQ for All competitive exams IBPS ,SSC,UPSC,RRB & State PSC exams

1 . The ........... India Morocco Joint Commission Meeting was held in Rabat.
A). 3
B). 4
C). 5
D). 6
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2 . First women's TV channel was launched in ............................
A). Turkey
B). Pakistan
C). Afghanistan
D). Dubai
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3 . Who among the following actor will be honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award for being an international icon?
A). Deepika Padukone
B). Priyanka Chopra
C). Sonam Kapoor
D). Nimrat Kaur
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4 . Who among the following is the Prime Minister of Spain?
A). Abel Matutes
B). Adelardo Lopez de Ayala y Herrera
C). Agustin Argielles
D). Mariano Rajoy
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5 . Indian American author .......................... has been announced as the recipient of the 2017 PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in the Short Story.
A). Jhumpa Lahiri
B). Arundhati Roy
C). Vikram Seth
D). Nirmala Sitharaman
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6 . Who among the following Indian entered in ESPN's top 100 most famous athletes list?
A). Virat Kohli
B). Mahendra Singh Dhoni
C). Yuvraj Singh
D). All of the above
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7 . The central government has expanded the Banks Board Bureau by inducting whom among the following into the board as independent member?
A). Shubhalaxmi Panse
B). Pradip Shah
C). A & B
D). Roopa Kudva
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8 . Kerala Bharatiya Janata Party leader ................ has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities.
A). Anil K. Khandelwal
B). Gairul Hasan Rizvi
C). George Kurian
D). Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
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9 . Former Panama dictator ..................... passed away recently due to prolonged illness.
A). Vada Dasturji Khurshed
B). Manuel Noriega
C). Pablo Escobar
D). Sunil Singhi
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10 . Port of Quilon - the oldest and second largest port is situated in which part of India?
A). Maharashtra
B). Andhra Pradesh
C). Karnataka
D). Kerala
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11 . India has recently signed a loan agreement of ...........million dollars with the World Bank for Himachal Pradesh Public Financial Management Capacity Building Programme
A). 34
B). 35
C). 36
D). 37
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12 . Who among the following is the President of World Bank?
A). Robert Zoellick
B). Jim Yong Kim
C). Angella Marcheal
D). Mellinda Gates
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13 . World Bank was founded in which year?
A). 1940
B). 1942
C). 1944
D). 1945
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14 . World Milk Day was celebrated for the contribution of the dairy industry worldwide on.............
A). May 31
B). June 1
C). June 2
D). June 3
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15 . India will soon strengthen its bilateral cooperation with fight terrorism.
A). Spain
B). Greece
C). Germany
D). Italy
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