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Coding Decoding Questions and Answers Quiz 3

    1 . DIRECTIONS (Q.1 - 2) : In each question below is given a group of letters followed by five combinations of number / symbol codes numbered 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). You have to find out which of the combinations correctly represents the group of letters based on the following coding system and the conditions and mark the number of that combination as your answer. Two or more conditions may be applicable to a single combination.


    Conditions :
    (i) If both the first and last elements are vowels, the codes for the vowels are to be interchanged.
    (ii) If the group of elements contains a single vowel, that vowel is to be coded as the code for the element following it.
    (iii) If the second element is a vowel and the fifth element is a consonant, the vowel is to be coded as the code for the consonant.

    $Q.$ OMPCZA

    A.   2$37%4
    B.   437$%2
    C.   4$37%2
    D.   2%37$4
    2 . OUBNYE

    A.   $\beta$8152
    B.   $\beta$#8152
    C.   2#815$\beta$
    D.   25815$\beta$
    3 . In a certain code language 'TERMINAL' is written as 'NSFUMBOJ' and 'TOWERS' is written as 'XPUTSF'. How is 'MATE' written in that code?

    A.   FUBN
    B.   UFNB
    C.   BNFU
    D.   BNDS
    4 . In a certain code language, 'how can you go' is written as 'ja da ka pa', 'can you come here' is written as 'na ka sa ja' and 'come and go' is wr itten as 'ra pa sa'. How is 'here' is written in that code language?

    A.   ja
    B.   na
    C.   pa
    D.   Data inadequate
    5 . In a certain code THRIVES is written as SIUHRDU. How is SOULFUL written in that code?

    A.   VPTKKTE
    B.   VPTKETK
    C.   TPVKKTE
    D.   TNRKMVG
    6 . In a certain code language 'how many goals scored' is written as '5 3 9 7'; 'many more matches' is written as '9 8 2'; and 'he scored five' is written as '1 6 3'. How is goals' written in that code language?

    A.   5
    B.   7
    C.   5 or 7
    D.   Data inadequate
    7 . In a certain code BUILDER is written as JVCKSFE. How is SEALING written in that code?

    A.   BTFKHOJ
    B.   JOHKBFT
    C.   TFBKHOJ
    D.   None of these
    8 . In a certain code BLACK is written as 'ALBKC' and SMART is written as 'AMSTR'. How is CLOCK written in th at code?

    A.   CLOKE
    B.   CLOCK
    C.   OLCKC
    D.   OLCCK
    9 . In a certain code MAJORITY is written as 'PKBNXSHQ',. How is SANCTION written in that code?

    10 . 'BE' is related to 'GJ' in the same way as 'PS' is related to

    A.   UY
    B.   UX
    C.   UZ
    D.   VY
      Answers & Solutions
      1 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      Condition (i) applies
      2 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      Conditions (i) and (iii) apply.
      3 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      4 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      how can you go = ja da ka pa .... (i)
      can you come here = na ka sa ja ...(ii)
      come and go = ra pa sa ...(iii)
      From (i) and (ii), can you = ja ka ...(v)
      From (ii) and (iii), come = sa ...(vi)
      Using (v) and (vi) in (ii), we get here= na
      5 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      6 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      how many goals scored = 5 3 9 7 ...(i)
      many more matches = 9 8 2 ...(ii)
      he scored five = 1 6 3 ...(iii)
      From (i) and (ii), many = 9 ...(iv)
      From (i) and (iii), scored = 3 ...(v)
      Using (iv) and (v) in (i), we get goals = 5 or 7.
      7 .    
      Answer : Option D
      Explanation :
      8 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      First write the first three letters in reverse order and then the next two in reverse order.
      9 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      10 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      Each corresponding letter moves five places forward in the alphabet.

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