Wednesday, 22 March 2017

SBI PO English Language Practice set – 3

    1 . Direction(1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

    There have been $1$. response to the BCCI’s decision to host Pakistan Cricket Team in December-January for a T20 series. Ex cricketers like Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid are critical of this decision of BCCI, while many others on both sides of the divide have $2$ this idea. Imran Khan, ex-cricketer $3$ politician welcomed the idea saying that this will pave the path for bringing $4$ to relations between the two countries through negotiation table. For Nawaz Sharif, the Prime minster of Pakistan, this is a step of $5$ building between the two countries. $6$ the relation between these two neighbours has gone through lot of ups and downs. Despite two brutal wars between the two countries, some of the core issues are of such a nature that they cannot be $7$ through violence and war, and so these problems persist from so many decades. The South Asian countries, and India - Pakistan in particular, inherit the colonial legacy from the past and the problems related to the policy of $8$ power, the United States, at present. Issues like Kashmir, which is leading to massive suffering to Kashmiris, is a big $9$ but it can only be resolved through a multi layered $10$ and gradual resumption of the relationship amongst different groups-areas. The current atmosphere of lack of trust, manifested though the VISA policies of both the countries are a good reflection of what should not be there between good neighbours. At present if one wants to visit Pakistan, the VISA is not easy and one is granted a city wide VISA for Pakistan and even then one has to $11$ to the local police after one lands there. Many restrictions are there for those visiting from Pakistan to India. The popular perception in India is that Pakistan is responsible for all acts of terror in India. While in Pakistan many things are $12$ to the role of India, its interference in Pakistan. In India one can see that with the mention of word Pakistan, there is an instant Fright descending in the atmosphere.

    $Q.$ $2$

    A.   Criticized
    B.   Condemned
    C.   Welcomed
    D.   Approved
    2 . $3$

    A.   Turned
    B.   Groomed
    C.   Changed
    D.   Retried
    3 . $4$

    A.   Normalcy
    B.   Peace
    C.   Cold war
    D.   Progress
    4 . $5$

    A.   Mistrust
    B.   Growth
    C.   Confidence
    D.   Relation
    5 . $6$

    A.   while
    B.   as such
    C.   then
    D.   as now
    6 . $7$

    A.   Resolved
    B.   Solved
    C.   Made
    D.   Established
    7 . $8$

    A.   imperialist
    B.   Socialist
    C.   Autocratic
    D.   Capitalistic
    8 . $9$

    A.   Catch
    B.   Thorn in flesh
    C.   Fish to fry
    D.   Enemy to subdue
    9 . $10$

    A.   Dialogue
    B.   War
    C.   Debate
    D.   Discussion
    10 . $11$

    A.   Visit
    B.   Meet
    C.   Report
    D.   Call
      Answers & Solutions
      1 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      2 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      3 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      4 .    
      Answer : Option C
      Explanation :
      5 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      6 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      7 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :
      8 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      9 .    
      Answer : Option B
      Explanation :
      10 .    
      Answer : Option A
      Explanation :

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