Friday, 4 November 2016

One Word Substitution Practice Now Here

Abdicate — Renounce formally or by default power, right, office.
Aborigines — Original or first inhabitants.
Accelerate — To increase the speed.
Acoustics — Relating to the sense of hearing.
Affidavit — A statement on oath.
Agnostic — One who holds the view that nothing can be known about the existence of God.
Alimony — Allowances due to a wife from her husband on separation.
Allegation — A charge or statement against a person.
Allegorical — A narrative describing one subject under the guise of another
Allergy — Sensitiveness to the action of a particular food or other things.
Alleviate — To mitigate or lesson the pain or suffering.
Altruist — A person who has regard and concern for others, unselfish.
Amateur — A person who engages in a pursuit as a pastime rather than a profession, a person who does something unskilfully.
Ambassador  — A person who represents the interest of his country's Government abroad and acts in pursuance of the policy of the Government.
Ambiguous — Having more than one interpretation.
Anachronous — Anything out of harmony with its period, an old-fashioned or out-of date person or thing.
Anarchist — A person who believes that all government and authority should be abolished.
Annihilate — To destroy completely.
Anonymous — That which does not bear a name of the writer/creator.
Antidote — Anything which destroys the effect of poison.
Antonym — A word opposites in meaning to another

Apiculture — Bee-keeping.
Apostle — A messenger to preach gospel.
Aquatic — Animals living in water.
Arbiter — One who is appointed by two parties to settle a dispute.
Archaeology — Study of antiquities (historic and prehistoric times).
Arsonist — A person guilty of maliciously setting on fire of property etc.
Ascetic — One who practices severe self discipline.
Atheist — One who does not believe in God
Auction — A bargain Where things are sold to the highest bidder..
Audible — A thing which can be heard.
Audience — An assembly of listeners.
Authentic — A reliable piece of information.
Autocracy — Absolute government.
Aviary — A place where birds are kept.
Bankrupt — One who cannot pay his debts.
Bathos — A fall from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Bellicose — Given to fighting or fond of fighting.
Belligerent — Aggressive, eager to fight, engaged in war.
Bibliophile — A person who is a great lover of books.
Biennial — Happening or appearing once in two years.
Bigamist — One who has two wives or husbands at one time.
Bigamy — The state of having two wives.
Bigot — One blindly devoted to a particular creed or party.
Bilingual — Containing or speaking two languages.
Biography — A written account of the life of a person.
Bizarre — Strange in appearance or effect, eccentric, grotesque.
Blasphemy — The act of speaking disrespectfully about holy and sacred things.

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