Friday, 21 October 2016

Para jumbles helpful tips

What are para jumbles?
Para jumbles are jumbled paragraphs. Basically, you are given a paragraph – but  the sentences are not in the right order. It's up to you to untie this knot and  rearrange the sentences so that they logically make sense.

How paragraph jumbles are like jigsaw puzzles?
When you were a kid, you probably tried to solve jigsaw puzzles. You needed to  find pieces that would fit together to get the solution. Para jumbles are similar.  You need to find sentences that will logically connect and form a meaningful  sequence - a sentence that "links" or "fits" to another.

Some helpful tips

  •  Find proper opening sentences.
    You can look for a proper beginning sentence. This sentence introduces an  idea for the rest of the paragraph. In other words, it is called the Topic  Sentence.
  • Look for concluding sentences.
    If you find a sentence which sums up an idea or comes to a conclusion, this  is probably a concluding sentence. Be careful, though – sometimes  paragraphs have conclusions at the beginning and then the argument is  explained in further detail afterward
  • Look for connecting sentences.
    You will usually find sentences, which you know for certain, connect with  each other. From there you can build upon the information that will fit.  Figure out the sentences which match with each other, and look for these  pairs in your choices.
  • Look for keywords.
    Sometimes sentences don’t stand on their own, they use pronouns and  other keywords which help you find the order of the sentences. E.g.: He,  she, it, him, her, they
  • Look for transitions.

           This will help you link sentences together. E.g.: Besides, although, but, yet,  however, also, while, therefore, in addition, for example, fortunately/unfortunately

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