Thursday, 6 October 2016

Number Sequence and Ranking Questions Practice

find Practice Questions on Number Sequence and Ranking  for IBPS & SBI Bank Exams preparation


1. Sachin and Vinod want to visit the museum after their exams. Sachin’s exams finishes on 9th April and he is leaving for a holiday on 12th April. Vinod’s exams will be over by 10th April after which he is free. On which of the following dates can the two definitely meet?
a) 10th April 
b) Either 10th or 11th April 
c) 12th April
d) Either 11th or 12th April 
e) None of these


2. Seema’s watch is 6 minutes fast and the train, which should have arrived at 7 pm was 14 minutes late. what time is it by Seema’s watch when the train arrived?
a) 7.05 pm
b) 7.30 pm
c) 7.01 pm
d) 7.31 pm
e) None of these


3. Five friends P, Q, R, S and T went to college independently. Each one of them reached at a different time. If only Q reached after R and S, who was the last person to reach?
a) P
b) T
c) Q
d) Can’t be determined
e) None of these


4. Mohini went to the movies nine days ago. She goes to the movies only on Thursday. What day of the week is today?
a) Thursday
b) Saturday
c) Sunday
d) Tuesday
e) None of these


5. In a particular month all the four Sundays fall on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th respectively. If the first day of that month is Friday, what will be the first day of the next month?
a) Saturday
b) Sunday
c) Monday
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these


6. In a class Seema is 10th from the top and Bablee is 20th from the bottom. Raju is 11 ranks below Seema and 21 ranks above Bablee. How many students are in the class if list includes all the students of the class?
a) 60
b) 61
c) 62
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these


7. Jagan is eigth from the bottom and fourteenth from the top. There are fifteen boys between the first student and the last student. How many girls are there?
a) 17
b) 21
c) Data inadequate
d) It is not possible
e) None of these


8. In a race in which 129 boys participated, Mayank said, “I was 17th from the last.” What was Mayank’s position from the top?
a) 111th
b) 112th
c) 113th
d) 114th
e) 110th


9. In a class 32 students disqualify in a test. Abhishek ranks 15th from the top and 19th from the bottom among the qualified students. How many students are there in the class?
a) 66
b) 67
c) 64
d) 65
e) None of these


10. Rajeev ranks 12th from the top and Krishna ranks 26th from the bottom. If there are five students between them, then how many students are there in the class?
a) 41
b) 42
c) 44
d) 45
e) None of these


Answers :

1 E
2 E
3 C
4 B
5 D
6 B
7 C
8 C
9 D
10 E

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