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One word Substitutes : English prep

One word Substitutes : English prep

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or clause. Some common one-word substitutes are given below.

Accountable – liable to be called to account

Ambidextrous – of a person who can use both hands equally well
Amnesty – general pardon for political offenders
Amphibious – of animals capable of living both on land and in water
Anarchy – absence of government
Animate – having life
Anonymous – that which does not bear the name of the writer
Antedate – to date before the true time
Antidote – a medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine
Antonym – a word opposite in meaning to another
Aquatic – of animals which live in water
Aristocracy – government by the nobles
Atheist – one who does not believe in the existence of God
Audience – an assembly of hearers at a lecture or concert
Autobiography – the life story of a person written by himself/herself
Autocracy – an absolute government by one man
Avaricious – of a person extremely desirous of money
Behead – cut off the head
Brittle – hard but liable to be easily broken
Bureaucracy – government by officials
Cannibal – of a man or animal that feeds on its own species
Carnivorous – of animals feeding on flesh
Catalogue – a list of names, books etc.
Centenarian – a person who is above hundred years
Colleagues – persons working in the staff of the same institution
Contemporary – belonging to the same period of time
Convalescent – recovering from illness
Cosmopolitan – a citizen of the world
Credulous – of a person who easily believes whatever is told to him/her
Democracy – government by the people’s representatives
Edible – that can be eaten
Effeminate – of a man showing feminine attributes
Equestrian – a person who rides on horse-back
Extempore – something said or done without preparation
Fastidious – of a person who cannot be pleased easily
Fatal – anything that leads to death
Fatalist – a person who believes in fate
Foregone – something that has been determined beforehand
Fratricide – the murder or murderer of one’s brother
Germicide – a medicine that kills germs
Gratis – without payment
Gregarious – of animals living in flocks
Herbivorous – of animals feeding on grass and plants
Honorary – a post held without receiving salary
Idolatry – worship of idols
Illegal – against the law
Illegible – impossible to read
Illiterate – a person who cannot read or write
Imperceptible – that which cannot be noticed
Impracticable – that which cannot be put into practice
Impregnable – incapable of being seized by attack
Improbable – that which is unlikely to happen
Inanimate – without life
Inaudible – of sound that cannot be heard
Incorrigible – something that cannot be corrected
Incredible – that which cannot be believed
Incurable – that which cannot be cured
Indefatigable – incapable of getting tire

Give single words for the following

1. A person who writes pamphlets is called a ———————
2. A person who looks after his wards is called a ———————
3. An unmarried woman is called a —————— —
4. A person who plays tricks on others is called a ——————————
5. A person who spreads rumours is called a ———————————
6. A person who sells fish is called a ————
7. A person who writes plays is called a ———————
8. A person who makes wheels is called a ——— —
9. A hastily erected barrier across the street is called a ———————
10. A person who leaves in a rented building is called a ———————
11. A place where birds are kept is called a ————————
12. A place where monks live is called a ———— —


1. pamphleteer 2. warden 3. spinster
4. trickster 5. rumor-monger 6. fish-monger
7. playwright 8. wheelwright 9. barricade
10. tenant 11.aviary 12. monastery

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