Friday, 10 June 2016

General Awareness Quiz 9 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 8 for SBI & IBPS exams
1 . The regulator of the banking system in India is--
A.    AMFI
B.    Finance Minister
C.    SEBI
D.    RBI
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2 . Ten Rupee notes contain the signature of____
A.    Finance Secretary, GOI
B.    Chairman, State Bank of India
C.    Governor, Reserve Bank of India
D.    Prime Minister
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3 . Loan against the security of immovable propertyis by executing an agreement of______
A.    Assignment
B.    Mortgage
C.    Transfer
D.    Pledge
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4 . Credit Rating____
A.    is used to rate the borrowers while giving advances.
B.    is used to work out performance of the employees.
C.    is NOT used in any Bank.
D.    is necessary before giving promotion to employees
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5 . In Corporate Hedging, which one of the followingtypes of risks can be covered ?
A.    Liquidity risk
B.    Currency risk
C.    credit risk
D.    None of these
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6 . Bank of Rajasthan is now merged with which of the following banks?
A.    AXIS Bank
B.    IDBI Bank
C.    ICICI Bank
D.    HDFC Bank
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7 . Which of the following is the full form of the abbreviation "IFRS" as used in corporate/finance sector?
A.    Indian Financial Reconciliation Standards
B.    Interpretation and Formal Reporting System
C.    International Financial Reporting Standards
D.    None of these
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8 . As per the new guidelines issued by SEBI, companies are required to list shares within how many days of the closure of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs) ?
A.    60 days
B.    12 days
C.    30 days
D.    45 days
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9 . RTGS stands for______
A.   Real Total Gross Securities
B.    Reduced Time Gross Settlements
C.    Relative Time Gross Settlements
D.    Real Time Gross Settlements
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10 . DSCR indicates the ability of a company to-
A.    meet its current liabilities
B.    service its shareholders
C.    meet its long term debt obligations
D.    raise further capital
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