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General Awareness Quiz 5 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 5 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . Many times we read about 'Balance of Payment' in economic literature. Which of the following statement(s) define the term correctly ?
(A) It is a record of all transactions made betweenone particular country and all other countries.
(B) It is a record of all transactions made betweenthe countries wherein the payment was made in a currency other than US Dollar.
(C) It is a record of all exports/ imports from/by a country and difference in amount of both in terms of payment in US dollars
A.    Only A
B.    Only C
C.    Only B
D.    Both A and B
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2 . As per the existing policy the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of scheduled banks is fixed at a certain percentage oftheir NDTL. What is full form of NDTL ?
A.    New Demand & Tenure Liabilties
B.    Net Demand & Time Liabilities
C.    National Deposits & Total Liquidity
D.    New Deposits and Term Liquidity
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3 . The Reserve Bank of India recently decided to review its monetary policy more frequently. This mea- sure of the RBI will be called RBl's
(A) Monetary Measure
(B) Financial Market Measure
(C) Regulatory Measure
A.    (1) Only (A)
B.    Only (B)
C.    All (A), (B)and (C)
D.    Both (A) and (B)
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4 . "Basel Committee on Banking Supervision" is also/or popularly known as —
A.    Thomas Cook Committee
B.    Talwar Committee
C.    Bank for International Settlements Committee
D.    Peter Cook Committee
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5 . Which of the following is/are the highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14, which was reviewed by the Government recently ?
(A) Government to increase exports upto US $ 200 billion this fiscal year.
(B) List of items allowed for duty free imports reduced by 30%.
(C) Few towns like Barmer, Bhiwandi and Agra were declared towns of Export Excellence.
A.    Only A
B.    Only B
C.    Only C
D.    Only A and C
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6 . The Direct Tax Code which was revised recently will be implemented from which of the following dates ?
A.    April 2011
B.    April 2012
C.    January 2011
D.    None of these
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7 . Government may reduce its budgetary deficit by various measures. Which of the following is NOT one such measure ?
A.    Market Borrowing
B.    Deficit financing
C.    Foreign grants
D.    Reducing taxes and Increasing subsidies
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8 . 'Commercial Papers' are issued by-
A.    a company to a bank
B.    Bank to companies
C.    Banks to banks
D.    None of these
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9 . ‘MAT’ provision in Income Tax stands for —
A.    Medium Alternate Tax
B.    Maximum Alternative Tax
C.    Minimum Alternative Tax
D.    Mild Alternative Tax
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10 . Many times we read about SWIFT in newspapers. What is its full form ?
A.    Sound world wide institution for transactions
B.    Safe window in case of Financial Transaction
C.    Society for world wide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
D.    None of these
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