Wednesday, 22 June 2016

General Awareness Quiz 21 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 20 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . The followings constitute the code of conduct for merchant bankers as stipulated by SEBI
A.   Maintenance of high degree of standards of integrity and fairness in dealings
B.   Providing true and adequate information to investors and abide by the provisions of various acts, rules and regulations etc.
C.   All of the above
D.   None of these
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2 . What are the major activities of NABARD?
A.   It provides refinance to state Co-operative Banks, scheduled commercial Banks and regional rural banks etc
B.   It co-ordinates the activities of different agencies in the field of agriculture and rural credit
C.   It improves absorptive capacity of credit delivery system
D.   All of the above
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3 . Automatic Refinance Scheme is available to the persons financed under
A.   the scheme of setting up of Agriclinic and Agribusiness centres
B.   Rural Non- farm sector up to Rs. 15 lakh
C.   Composite loan scheme
D.   All of the above
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4 . For loans and advances granted by commercial banks to small, road and water transport operations scheme (SRWTED), NABARD provides refinance under Automatic Refinance Facility, subject to the conditions:
A.   Repayment of loan should not exceed 5 years with moratorium of 6 months
B.   Refinance amount is restricted ot Rs. 15 lakh per borrower
C.   The borrower should be from rural area and he should utilize the vehicle mainly for transportation of rural farm and no farm products and inputs and passengers to from marketing centers.
D.   All of the above
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5 . NABARD's refinance is available to commercial banks under non-farm sector for investment activities of
A.   Artisans
B.   Small Scale industries , tiny sector, village and cottage industries
C.   All of the above
D.   None of these
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6 . The Industrial Finance Corporation of India is the first institution established to build a term financing institutional structure in India; it was established in
A.   July 1948
B.   August 1969
C.   September 1957
D.   December 1970
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7 . The Industrial Finance Corporation of India provides loans to
A.   government companies only which are in core sector ie., power generation, steel, coal and cement etc.
B.   Newly established industries in backward districts
C.   Industries in private sector
D.   Joint stock companies and co-operative societies engaged in the manufacturing and processing of goods
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8 . Which is an apex body in the field of industrial finance in the country?
A.   Industrial Development Bank of India
B.   EXIM Bank
D.   None of these
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9 . The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) was set up by the Government of India in April 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of
A.   RBI
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10 . The objectives of setting up SIDBI are :
A.   To initiate steps for technological upgradation and modernisation of existing units
B.   To expand channels for marketing of SSI sector products in India and abroad
C.   To promote employment oriented industries in semi urban areas and to check migration of population to big cities
D.   All of the above
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