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General Awareness Quiz 16 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 16 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . When did Reserve Bank of India issue guidelines for the setting up of new private sector banks in India in
A.    January 1993
B.    February 1994
C.    March 1995
D.    March 1996
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2 . The new banks are required to be registered as public limited companies under the Companies Act, 1956, with initial paid up capital of (1993 guide lines)
A.    Rs. 50 crores
B.    Rs. 75 crores
C.    Rs. 100 crores
D.    Rs. 200 crores
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3 . In January 2001, Reserve Bank of India issued fresh guidelines for private banks raising the share capital of banks to
A.    Rs. 150 crores
B.    Rs.200 crores
C.    Rs. 500 crores
D.    None of these
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4 . The minimum paid up capital for Local Area Banks is
A.    Rs. 1 crore
B.    Rs. 2 crores
C.    Rs. 3 crores and the promoters contribution is 1 crore
D.    Rs. 5 crores and the promoters contribution is Rs. 2 crores.
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5 . National Housing Bank was set up in
A.    July 1988
B.    March 1989
C.    March 1990
D.    April 1991
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6 . New Bank of India was merged with
A.    State Bank of India
B.    Allahabad Bank
C.    Punjab National Bank
D.    None of these
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7 . The subsidiary banks were established under theState Bank of India (Subsidiary) Act of
A.    1956
B.    1959
C.    1965
D.    1969
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8 . During recent years State Bank of India and some of the nationalised banks have enlarged their capital by issuing shares to the public. Which of the following is not one of them ?
A.    Oriental Bank of Commerce
B.    Dena Bank
C.    Bank of India
D.    All of the above
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9 . The investments of Life Insurance Corporation are regulated by section 27A of the Insurance Act of
A.    1935
B.    1938
C.    1940
D.    1946
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10 . According to the guidelines issued by the Government what percent of the accretions to the funds of GIC were required to be invested in the socially oriented sectors ?
A.    50%
B.    60%
C.    70%
D.    80%
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