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General Awareness Quiz 12 for SBI & IBPS exams

General Awareness Quiz 12 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . The State Bank of India serves 90 million customers through a network of
A.    5000 branches
B.    7000 branches
C.    9000 branches
D.    10000 branches
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2 . As on 30th June 1999, how many scheduled banks were there in India having total network of 64,918 branches ?
A.    100
B.    200
C.    300
D.    400
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3 . Which of the following is a Scheduled Bank in Private Sector ?
A.    ICICI Banking Corporation Bank Ltd.
B.    HDFC Bank Limited
C.    Bank of Punjab Ltd
D.    All of the above
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4 . Which of the following is/are scheduled foreignbanks in India?
A.    Bank of Tokyo Ltd.
B.    Dresdner Bank AG
C.    Citi Bank N.C.
D.    All of the above
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5 . Under which section of the RBIAct of 1934, it is obligatory on the part of the RBI to appoint the SBI as its sole agent at all places where the Bank has no branch or office of its Banking Department but where there is a branch of the State Bank or its Subsidiary bank ?
A.    section 38
B.    section 45
C.    section 46
D.    section 52
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6 . At present, all scheduled commercial banks are required to maintain statutory liquid ratio at the rate of %
A.    31.8% on deposit liability outstanding as on September 30, 1994
B.    25% on incremental deposits after that date
C.    Both (1) and (2)
D.    Either (l)or (2)
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7 . Which bank was formed in 1950 with the amalgamation of Bengal Centra] Bank Ltd; Comilla Union Bank Ltd., Hooghly Bank Ltd., and Comilla Banking Corporation Ltd ?
A.    United Bank of India
B.    Central Bank of India
C.    Bank of India
D.    Vijaya Bank
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8 . Cooperative banks in India Finance urban areas under
A.    small scale units
B.    Home Finance
C.    Consumer Finance
D.    All of the above
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9 . Initial authorised share capital of each Rural bank was
A.    Rs. 5 lakhs
B.    Rs. 10 lakhs
C.    Rs. 1 crore
D.    None of these
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10 . The commercial banks are governed by all the sections of the Banking Regulation Act 1949. but only some of the sections of this Act are applicable to
A.    Regional Rural Banks
B.    Co-operative Banks
C.    HDFC
D.    All of the above
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