Monday, 6 June 2016

General Awareness Questions Quiz 2

friends, find Here General Awareness Questions Quiz 2 for sbi & IBPS Clerk PO Main Exams

1 . Regional Rural Banks were created in
A.   1968
B.   1970
C.   1975
D.   1980
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2 . When did the nationalisation of seven banks with deposits over 200 crore take place ?
A.   1975
B.   1980
C.   1982
D.   1985
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3 . Which committee worked for the liberalisation of the banking practices ?
A.   M Narasimham Committee
B.   Y sabarwal Committee
C.   S Ramanujan Committee
D.   V Chelliah Committee
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4 . The State Bank of India is India's largest commercial Bank and is ranked one of the top
A.   10 banks of the world
B.   20 banks of the world
C.   5 banks of the world
D.   3 banks of the world
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5 . Till 1980, approximately what percent of the banking segment in India were under Government ownership ?
A.   60%
B.   80%
C.   70%
D.   90%
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6 . Magnetic strips in credit cards were used for the first time in
A.   1960
B.   1970
C.   1975
D.   1980
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7 . Which of the following is not one of the varieties of credit cards in India ?
A.   ANZ Gold
B.   BOB Exclusive
C.   Master Card
D.   Bol Taj Premium
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8 . The first international credit card was issued to a restricted number of customers in 1987 by
A.   Bank of India
B.   Andhra Bank
C.   Bank of Punjab
D.   Bank of Baroda
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9 . A scheduled Bank must be
A.   A company as defined in the Companies Act, 1956.
B.   An institution notified by the Central Government in this behalf
C.   A corporative or company incorporated by or under any law in force in any place outside India
D.   All of the above
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10 . Which of the following is true of RBI licensing of Banking Companies ?
A.   The company is or will be in a position to pay its present or future depositors in full as their claims accrue.
B.   That the affairs of the company are not being or are not likely to be conducted in a manner detrimental to the interests of its present or future depositors.
C.   That the company has adequate capital structureand earning prospects.
D.   All of the above
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