Monday, 6 June 2016

General Awareness Questions Quiz 1

Friends Find here General Awareness Quiz 1 for SBI Clerk and SBI PO Online Exams practice

1 . Which of the following foreign banks is going toset up business in India?
A.    Royal Bank of Scotland
B.    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
C.    US Based GE Capital
D.    All of the above
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2 . The commercial banks have been organised either as public corporations under separate Acts of Parliament or as joint stock companies under the Companies Act
A.    1949
B.    1956
C.    1965
D.    1969
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3 . The Co-operative bank is governed by the Banking Regulation Act 1949 and Banking Laws (Co- operative Societies Act) of
A.    1952
B.    1960
C.    1965
D.    1969
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4 . Net Inter-bank liabilities have been exempted from the maintenance of Statutory Liquid Ratio effective from
A.    April 26, 1997
B.    April 29, 1998
C.    May 6. 1999
D.    July 12, 1999
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5 . The Reserve Bank is empowered to issue directive to the banking companies to determine the policy In relation to advances to be followed by them. These directive may relate to
A.    The margins to be maintained in respect of secured advances
B.    The maximum amount of advance to any borrower
C.    Either (1) or (2)
D.    Both (1) and (2)
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6 . coperative banks in India finance rural areas under
A.    cattle and milk
B.    Farming
C.    Hatchery and personal finance
D.    all of the above
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7 . The first among the private sector ranks in Kerala to become a scheduled bank in 1946 under the RSI Act was
A.    South Indian Bank
B.    Canara Bank
C.    State Bank of Travncore
D.    None of these
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8 . Which Bank was not set up during 1906 and 1913 ?
A.    Bank of Baroda
B.    Central Bank of India
C.    Bank of Mysore
D.    Bank of Madras
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9 . India's oldest, largest and most successful commercial bank, offering the widest possible range of domestic, international and NRI products and services, through its vast network in India and overseas is
A.    Allahabad Bank
B.    Bank of India
C.    State Bank of India
D.    Punjab National Bank
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10 . When the Credit Guarantee Corporation was created ?
A.    1971
B.    1973
C.    1982
D.    1982
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