Saturday, 14 May 2016


1. A train leaves Meerut at 6 a.m. and reaches Delhi at 10 a.m. Another train leaves Delhi at 8  a.m. and reaches Meerut at 11.30 a.m. At what time do the two train cross one another:
A.  9.26 a.m.
B.  9 a.m.
C.  8.36 a.m.
D.  8.56 a.m.
ANSWER : 8.56a.m.

2. A thief steals a car at 1.30 p.m. and drives It at 45 km an hour. The theft is discovered at 2  p.m. and the owner sets off in another car at 50 km an hour. He will overtake the thief at:
A.  3.30 p.m.
B.  4 p.m.
C.  4.30 p.m.
D.  6 p.m.
ANSWER : 4 p.m.

3.A car completes a certain journey in 8 hours. It covers half the distance at 40 km/hr and  the rest at 60km/hr. The length of the journey is:
A.  350km
B.  420km
C.  384km
D.  400km
ANSWER : 384km

4. A man crosses a street 600 m long in 5 minutes. His speed in km. per hour is:
A.  7.2
B.  3.6
C.  10
D.  8.4
ANSWER : 7.2


5.  Excluding  stoppages,  the  speed  of  a  bus  is  54  km/hr  and  including  stoppages,  it  is  45  km/hr. Fir how many minutes does the bus stop per hour:
A.  9
B.  10
C.  12
D.  20

6.  A  car  covers  four  successive  three  km  stretches  at  speeds  of  10km/hr,  20  km/hr,  30 km/hr respectively. Its average speed over this distance is:
A.  10 km/hr
B.  20 km/hr
C.  30km/hr
D.  25km/hr
ANSWER : 20km/hr

7. A man performs of the total journey by rail,  by tonga and the remaining 10km on foot, his  total journey is:
A.  15.6km
B.  12.8km
C.  16.4km
D.  24km
ANSWER : 24km

8. Laxman has to cover a distance of 6 km in 45mintues, if he covers one half of the distance in rd time, what should be his speed to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time:
A.  12 km/hr
B.  16 km/hr
C.  3 km/hr
D.  8 km/hr
ANSWER : 12 km/hr


9. A speed of 36 km/hr is the same as:
A.  10 m/sec
B.  7.2 m/sec
C.  2m/sec
D.  129.6 m/sec
ANSWER : 10 m/sec

10. Sharad covers two-third of a certain distance at 4km/brand the remaining at 5km/hr. If  he takes 42minutes in all, the distance is:
A.  2.5km
B.  4.6km
C.  4km
D.  3km
ANSWER : 3km

11. A speed of 30.6 km/hr is the same as:
A.  5.1 m/sec
B.  8.5 m/sec
C.  110.16 m/sec
D.  1.7 m/sec
ANSWER : 8.5 m/sec

12. Ram travels a certain distance at 3km/hr and reaches 15min. lat. If he travels at 4km/hr,  he reaches 15min. earlier. The distance he has to travel is:
A.  4.5 km
B.  6 km
C.  7.2 km
D.  12km
ANSWER : 6 km

13. Rahim covers a certain distance in 14 hrs 40 min. He covers one half of the distance by  train at 60km/hr and the rest half by road at 50 km/hr. The distance travelled by him is:
A.  960km
B.  720km
C.  1000km
D.  800km
ANSWER : 800km


14. A boy goes to school with a speed of 3 km/hr and returns to the village with a speed of  2km/hr. if he takes 5 hours in all, the distance between the village and the school is:
A.  6km
B.  7km
C.  8km
D.  9km
ANSWER : 6km

15.  A  and  B are  tow  stations.  A  trains  goes  from  A  to  B at  64  km/hr  and  returns  to  A  at  a  slower speed. If its average speed for the  whole journey is 56  km/hr. at what speed did it
A.  48km/hr
B.  49.77 km/hr
C.  52 km/hr
D.  47.46 km/hr
ANSWER : 49.77 km/hr

16. A speed of 55 m/sec, is the same as:
A.  198 km/hr
B.  11 km/hr
C.  15 km/hr
D.  275 km/hr
ANSWER : 81 km/hr

17.  Two  men  start  together  to  walk  to  a  certain  destination,  one  at  3.75  km  an  hour  and  another at 3 km an hour. The former arrives half an hour before the latter. The distance is:
A.  9.5km
B.  8km
C.  7.5km
D.  6km
ANSWER : 7.5km

18.  A  train  covers  a  distance  in  50  minutes,  if  it  runs  at  a  speed  of  48  km  per  hour  on  a  average. The speed at which the train must run to reduce the time of journey to 40 minutes,  will be:
A.  50km/hr
B.  55km/hr
C.  60 km/hr
D.  70 km/hr
ANSWER : 60 km/hr

19.  If  a  man  takes  4  hours  to  cover  a  distance  of  15km,  how  much  time  will  be  needed  to
cover 63 km at the same speed:
A.  12hrs 36 min.
B.  16hrs 48 min.
C.  16hrs 4min.
D.  15hrs 32min.
ANSWER : 16hrs 48min.

20. A car travels a distance of 840 km at a uniform speed. If the speed of the car is 10km/hr  more, if takes tow hours less to cover the same distance. The original speed of the care was:
A.  45 km/hr
B.  50 km/hr
C.  60 km/hr
D.  75 km/hr
ANSWER : 60 km/hr

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