Thursday, 19 May 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz for SBI & IBPS Exams Set 4

1)  Computers  gather  data,  which  means  that  they allow users to ____________ data.
A. present  B. input
C. output  D. store

2)  Computers  use  the  ____________  language  to process data.
A. processing  B. kilobyte
C. binary  D. representational

3)  Computers  process  data  into  information  by  working exclusively with:
A. multimedia.  B. words.
C. characters.  D. numbers.

4)  ____________  is  any  part  of  the  computer  that you can physically touch.
A. Hardware  B. A device
C. A peripheral  D. An application

5)  The ____________, also called the “brains” of  the  computer,  is  responsible  for  processing  data.
A. motherboard  B. memory
D. central processing unit (CPU)

6)  The CPU and memory are located on the:
A. expansion board.  B. motherboard.
C. storage device.  D. output device.

7)  ____________ is a set of computer programs  used on a computer to help perform tasks.
A. An instruction  B. Software
C. Memory  D. A processor

8)  System  software  is  the  set  of  programs  that  enables  your  computer’s  hardware  devices  and  ____________  software  to  work  together.
A. management  B. processing
C. utility  D. application

9)  The  PC  (personal  computer)  and  the  Apple  Macintosh are examples of two different:
A. platforms.  B. applications.
C. programs.  D. storage devices.

10)  Servers are computers that provide resources  to other computers connected to a:
A. network.  B. mainframe.
C. supercomputer.  D. client.

11)  ____________  are  specially  designed  computers  that  perform  complex  calculations  extremely rapidly.
A. Servers  B. Supercomputers
C. Laptops  D. Mainframes

12)  DSL is an example of a(n) ____________ connection.
A. network  B. wireless
C. slow  D. broadband

13)  ____________ is the science revolving around  the use of nanostructures to build devices on  an extremely small scale.
A. Nanotechnology  B. Micro-technology
C. Computer forensics  D. Artificial intelligence

14)  ____________ controls the way in which the  computer  system  functions  and  provides  a  means  by  which  users  can  interact  with  the  computer.
A. The platform  B. The operating system
C. Application software
D. The motherboard  E. None of these

15)  The  OSI  model  is  divided  into  how  many  processes called layers?
A. five  B. six
C. seven  D. eight
E. None of these

16)  It  is  the  set  of  programs  that  enables  your  computer’s  hardware  devices  and  application  software to work together
A. management  B. processing
C. utility  D. System Software
E.  None of these

17.  These  are  specially  designed  computer  chips  reside inside other devices, such as your car or  your electronic thermostat
A.  Servers
B.  Embedded computers
C. Robotic computers  D. Mainframes
E.  None of the above

18.  The  following  are  all  computing  devices,
A.  notebook computers
B.  cellular telephones
C.  digital scanners
D.  personal digital assistants
E.  None of the above

19)  In a ring topology, the computer in possession  of the --------can transmit data
A. packet  B. data
C. access method  D. token
E.  None of these

20)  This  part  of  operating  system  manages  the  essential  peripherals,  such  as  the  key  board, screen, disk drive, and parallel and serial ports
A.  basic input/output system
B.  secondary input/output system
C.  peripheral input/output system
D.  marginal input/output system
E.  None of the above

Answers :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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