Monday, 16 May 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz for SBI & IBPS Exams

1. Antivirus  software  is  an  example  of.....................
A. business software  B. an operating system
C. a security utility  D. an office suite
E. None of these

2)  Computer programs are written in a high-level  programming language; however, the human readable  version  of  a  program  is
A. Cache  B. instruction set
C. source code  D. word size
E. None of these

3)  Microsoft Office is
A.  Shareware
B.  Public-domain software
C.  Open-source software
D. A vertical market application
E. An application suite

4)  Computer  connected  to  a  LAN  (Local  Area  Network) can
A. run faster  B. go on line
C. share information and/or share peripheral
D. E-mail  E. None of these

5)  Which of the following refers to the memory in  your computer?

6)  Information  travels  between  components  on  the motherboard through
A. Flash memory  B. CMOS
C. Bays  D. Buses
E. Peripherals

7)  The collection of links throughout the Internet  creates  an  interconnected  network  called  the_____.
A. WWW  B. Web
C. World Wide Web  D. All of the above
E. Wide Area Web

8)  Every  computer  has  a(n)_____;  many  also  have_____.
A.  operating system; a client system

B.  operating system; instruction sets
C.  application programs; an operating system
D.  application programs; a client system
E. operating system; application programs

9)  Main  memory  works  in  conjunction  with_____.
A.  special function cards
D. Intel  E. All of these

10)  The  database  administrator’s  function  in  an  organization is
A.  To  be  responsible  for  the  more  technical  aspects  of  managing  the  information  contained  in  organizational databases
B.  To  be  responsible  for  the  executive-level  aspects  of decisions regarding information management
C.  To  show  the  relationship  among  entity  classes  in  a data warehouse
D.  To  define  which  data  mining  tools  must  be  used  to extract data
E.  None of these

11)  Every  device  on  the  Internet  has  a  unique  address  (also  called  an  “Internet  address”)  that identifies it in the same way that a street  address identifies the location of a house.
A. DH  B. DA
C. IP  D. IA
E. None of these

12)  What is linux?
A. Input Device  B. Storage Device
C. Operating System  D. Output Device
E. Processor

13)  The process of making changes to an existing  document is referred to as _________ it.
A. editing  B. changing
C. modifying  D. creating
E.  adjusting

14)  What does the acronym BIOS stand for?
A.  Basic input output services
B.  Basic internal output system
C.  Basic inner output system
D.  Basic input output systemization
E.  Basic input output system

15)  Which of the following refers to restarting the  system when it is already powered on?
A. A strong boot  B. Hibernation
C. A cold boot  D. Standby mode
E. A warm boot

16)  The  hard  drive  is  normally  located___________
A.  next to the printer
B.  plugged into the back of the computer
C.  underneath of monitor
D. on top of the CD-ROM
E. inside the system base unit

17)  Which of the following keys is used to delete
characters to the left of the cursors?
A. Alt+Delete  B. Shift
C. Esc  D. Delete
E. Backspace

18)  The  operating  system  is  the  most  common  type of ________ software.
A. Application  B. Antivirus
C. communication  D. system
E. word – processing software

19)  Which is not a font style?
A. Bold  B. Superscript
C. Italic  D. Regular
E. None of these

20)  Which  of  the  following  is  spreadsheet  program?
A. Ms-word  B. Ms-power point
C. Ms-excel  D. Ms-access
E. None of these

Answers :

Qstn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer C C E C A D D E C B C C A E E

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