Monday, 28 March 2016

General Awareness for Bank Exams Quiz 1

1.  Every year March 20 is celebrated as what day?
1) World Sparrow Day 
2) International Women’s Day
3) World Cuckoo Day 
4) International Child Day
5) International Mother’s Day

Answers : 1

2. Which of the following term is associated with the game of cricket?
1) Bouncer   
2) Love 
3) Goal 
4) Mid Court
5) Collision

Answer: 1

3. What is the full form of ‘NBFC’ as used in the financial sector?
1) New Banking Finance Company
2) National Banking & Finance Corporation
3) New Business Finance & Credit
4) None Business fund company
5) None of these

Answers : 5

4.  ‘CRY’ is the name of the organization which works for the welfare of
1) Cancer patients 
2) Children 
3) War victims 
4) Senior citizens
5) None of these

Answer : 2

5. Which of the following was the first Mutual Fund listed on the newly launched Mutual
fund platform on national stock exchange?
1) UTI Mutual Fund 
2) SBI Mutual Fund 
3) LIC Mutual fund
4) Bank of Baroda Mutual Fund 
5) None of these

Answer :1

6. The rate of interest banks charge its main/major and prime customers is popularly
called as
1) Risk premium 
2) Prime lending rate   
3)Repo Rate
4) Reverse Repo Rate 
5) Cost of fund

Answer : 2

7.  A bank normally does not have to deal with an issue related to
1)Payments and settlement systems
2) Contractual rights of creditors
3) Intellectual property rights
4) Cases of insolvency
5) Coordination between regulators active in banking financial sectors

Answer : 3

8.  Which of the following is NOT the component of India’s securities Market?
1) Commodity futures 
2) Small savings in National Saving Certificates
3) Government Bonds 
4) Corporate Equity
5) Derivatives on currency

Answer : 2

9. Which of the following is/are the Non-Tax Revenue components of Union Budget of
A) Custom Duties 
B) Interest Receipts 
C) Dividends and Profits
1) Only A 
2) Only B 
3) Only B and C   
4) Only C 
5) All A, B &C
Answer : 3

10. The concept of “meeting the needs of present without compromising the ability of
future generation to meet their needs,” is generally known as the concept of
1) Climate Migration   
2) Sustainable Development
3) Structural Development 
4) Inclusive Growth
5)None of these

Answer :2

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