Friday, 29 January 2016

Latest Banking abbreviation list 2016

Friends Here Find Some General Awareness Material  Latest Banking abbreviation list 2016 for IBPS & All Govt Jobs Exams

ABCI : Association of Business Communicators of India
AIFI: All India Financial Institution
AML: Anti-Money Laundering
ANBC :Adjusted Net Bank Credit
BAFT : Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade
BCSBI : Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
BFSI : Banking Financial Services and Insurance
CCIL : Clearing Corporation of India  Limited
CFMS : Centralised FundsManagement System
CPDO :Centralised Public Debt Office
DAPM : Department of Administration and Personnel Management
ECB : European Central Bank
FCCB : Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
FRL : Fiscal Responsibility Legislation
HRDD: Human Resources Development Department
IGIDR: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
IPCC : Inter-govermental Panel on Climate Change
MFDEF : Micro Finance Development and Equity Fund
NIMSME : National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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