Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ms Excel shortcut keys for IBPS Clerk PO Specialist Officer

Dear Readers Find Below Ms Excel shortcut keys for IBPS Clerk PO Specialist Officer 
F2 – edit the selected cell 
F5- Go to the specific cell 
F7 – spell check of the selected text 
F11- Create the chart 
CTRL+SHIFT+; – enter the current time 
CTRL+; - Enter the current date 
ALT+SHIFT+F1- insert the new worksheet 
SHIFT + F3- Open the formula window 
SHIFT + F5- open the search box 
CTRL+D- Fill the cell 
CTRL+G- Open the go to option 
CTRL+O – Open option 
CTRL+P- Open the print dialogue box 
CTRL+F9- Minimize the current window 
CTRL+F10- Maximize the current selected window 
CTRL+F6- Switch between the open worksheets 
SHIFT+SPACE- Select entire row 
CTRL + SPACE- Select entire column 
CTRL+W- Close the window 
CTRL+TAB- Move between two or more open excel files

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