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English vocabulary Practice Set 8 for bank exams

1. ashen:
(a) very hostile
(b) very pale
(c) very timid
(d) very cooperative.
Ans:ashen: (b) very pale (with fear).
—The senior officer turned ashen when he was shown the search warrants of his flat.
2. berserk:
(a) childish
(b) wild
(c) normal
(d) happy.
Ans: berserk: (b) wild, out of control, frenzied.
—The foreign policy buffs went berserk when President Bush had an impromptu meeting with our Foreign Minister.
3. contumacious:
(a) wilfully disobedient
(b) habitually late
(c) thoroughly gentle
(d) gravely sick.
Ans: contumacious: (a) wilfully or stubbornlydisobedient.
—During the press conference the Chairman was bitter, defiant and contumacious.
4. demonology:
(a) study of deities
(b) study of dwarfs
(c) study of scriptures
(d) study of demons.
Ans: demonology: (d) belief in demons or study of demons.
—The writing of history in India has been influenced by over-politicisation, and demonology.
5. eschatology:
(a) science of cause and effect
(b) development concerned with quality of living
(c) theology concerned with death and destiny
(d) study of war and peace.
Ans: eschatology: (c) theology concerned with death and destiny.
—Now the world is emerging out of abject poverty, and barbarism and the last thing it needs is the adherence to an eschatology.
6. fibbing:
(a) concealing vital facts
( b ) revealing minor facts
( c ) telling trivial lies
(d) helping needy persons.
Ans: fibbing: (c) telling trivial lies.
—His weakness of fibbing was laid bare during his foreign visit.
7. gibbering:
(a) making imaginary plans
(b) investing money recklessly
(c) talking without meaning
(d) crying without cause.
Ans: gibbering: (c) talking without meaning.
—The refusal to put her characters through the paces of a gibbering plot was entirely deliberate.
8. hallucinogenic:
(a) meditating bringing peace
(b) drug causing phantoms
(c) food causing indigestion
(d) operation causing death.
Ans: hallucinogenic: (b) drug causing hallucinations or phantoms.
—That was the hallucinogenic island when the chance migrants of history had found their original home.
9. impromptu:
(a) without compensation
(b) without preparation
(c) without vision
(d) without conviction.
Ans: impromptu: (b) without preparation.
—It was his impromptu speech in the House that carried the day.
10. juvenile:
(a) innocent
(b) tactful
(c) childish
(d) cunning.
Ans: juvenile: (c) childish, immature.
—The mother told her son to stop being so juvenile all the time.
11. ketchupy:
(a) blue sky-like
(b) parched land-like
(c) grave yard-like
(d) tomato sauce-like.
Ans: ketchupy: (d) tomato sauce-like or sticky-red.
—The new film is better than some Bollywood shows and does not portray bloodied heads rolling about in ketchupy red paint.
12. logistical:
(a) organisation of supplies and services
(b) despatch of trucks and troops
(c) declaration of election results
(d) going on a religious pilgrimage.
Ans: logistical: (a) organisation of supplies and services.
—Organising famine relief presents huge logistical problems.
13. mawkishness:
(a) harsh reality
(b) deadly blow
(c) feeble sentimentality
(d) growing hostility.
Ans: mawkishness: (c) feeble sentimentality.
—The plan was to conduct the funeral in a set piece that lurched between mawkishness and genuine emotion.
14. oaf:
(a) stupid man
(b) careless man
(c)fashionable man
(d) modern man.
Ans: oaf: (a) stupid/ clumsy man.
—I can’t understand when she married that great oaf.
1 5 . p a n o p t i c:
(a) keeping two birds with one stone
(b) seeing the whole at one view
(c) keeping corruption cases under carpet
(d) running after lofty goal.
Ans: panoptic: (b) seeing the whole at one view.
—The poem shows the poet’s anxiety about a panoptic state which remotecontrols destinies.
16. ram:
(a) avoid
(b) embrace
(c) enquire
(d) crash.
Ans:ram: (d) crash or strike (against).
—The car rammed against the bus.
17. smorgasbord:
(a) merits and demerits
(b) twists and turns
(c) ups and downs
(d) sandwiches and delicacies.
Ans:smorgasbord: (d) sandwiches and delicacies or dishes.
—The author’s aim is to lure his reader (in) with a smorgasbord of everything.
18. teeny-bopper:
(a) warrior decorated with medals
(b) player acting as model
(c) teenager interested in fashions
(d) artist as social reformer.
Ans: teeny-bopper: (c) teenager interested in fashions and pop music.
—The fashion magazines owe their growing popularity and success to the teeny-boppers.
19. wiggle:
(a) move
(b) whistle
(c) waste
(d) worry.
Ans: wiggle: (a) move or shake.
—The film has wiggled the traditional thought process of Indians living in Britain.
20. yawp:
(a) beg
(b ) borrow
(c) steal
(d) shout.
Ans: yawp: (d) shout, talk foolishly.
—In panic he yawps but no one cares to what he says or does
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