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English vocabulary Practice Set 7 for bank exams

1. apotheosis:
(a) tragic end
(b) highest point
(c) futile effort
(d) peace negotiations.
Ans:apotheosis: (b) highest point, glorified ideal.
—Our readiness to succumb to any kind of pressure reached its apotheosis in the ‘Satanic Verses’ affair.
2. blurb:
(a) short description
(b) long journey
(c) competitive price
(d) delayed recognition.
Ans: blurb: (a) short description (book).
—The book’s blurb talks of the author’s first novel thatwas set in a desert kingdom too.
3. coop:
(a) support
(b) deceive
(c ) liberate
(d) confine.
Ans: coop: (d) confine.
—He remembers being cooped up in the forensic laboratory for a month.
4. deft:
(a) useful
(b) thankful
(c) skilful
(d) faithful.
Ans: deft: (c) skilful.
—The sketches by M.F. Hussain do have the artist’s deft touch.
5. excrescence:
(a) timely help
(b) cheap product
(c) unattractive addition
(d) immoral act.
Ans: excrescence: (c) unattractive addition.
—There must be a cover design even uglier than the  schlocky excrescence that decorates the novel.
6. funk:
(a) join
(b) avoid
(c) decorate
(d) donate.
Ans: funk: (b) avoid (out of fear).
—The main character in the novel funks while taking on the leader of the rival gang and lets his aide handle him.
7. gravy:
(a) unexpected money
(b) undelivered letter
(c) uncovered glass
(d) unplanned city.
Ans:gravy: (a) unexpected/ unearned money or profit.
—His lottery ticket has brought him sudden gravy.
8. humdinger:
(a) utter failure
(b) average movie
(c) uninteresting episode
(d) remarkable thing.
Ans: humdinger: (d) remarkable thing.
—The kidnapping case turned out to be a humdinger.
9. intrepid:
(a) careful
(b) dull
(c) brave
(d) cold.
Ans: intrepid: (c) brave, fearless.
—An Indian soldier is intrepid both in character and concrete action.
10. kosher:
(a) bogus
(b) genuine
(c) unlawful
(d) friendly.
Ans: kosher: (b) genuine, legitimate.
—The intelligentsia still believes that it is kosher to be progressive instead of being pragmatic.
11. lowbrow:
(a) not reliable
(b) not healthy
(c) not relevant
(d) not cultured.
Ans: lowbrow: (d) not cultured or intellectual.
—It proved to be a lowbrow programme or discussion.
12. mart:
(a) marriage hall
(b) conference hall
(c) trade-centre
(d) marriage proposal.
Ans: mart: (c) market, trade-centre.
—London is an international mart for stocks and shares.
13. nostrum:
(a) practical joke
(b) over-simple  measure
(c) angry gesture
(d) noble intention.
Ans: nostrum: (b) oversimple measure.
—If a country in crisis declines IMF nostrum, it goes into default and faces worse calamity.
14. prophylactic:
(a) preventive course
(b) inventive mind
(c) short distance
(d) public place.
Ans: prophylactic: (a) preventive course or action. (tending to prevent misfortune or disease).
—Astrology proves a prophylactic to all those who are prone to despair, distress and desperation.
1 5 . quirkiness:
(a ) strange behaviour
(b) patient hearing
(c) sudden appearance
(d) chance occurrence.
Ans: quirkiness: (d) chance occurrence.
—She shares with her creator a dry sense of humour and a sense of the quirkiness of the universe.
16. rendezvous:
(a) militant act
(b) meeting place
(c) imaginary fear
(d) successful flight.
Ans: rendezvous ( b ) meeting place or time.
—Assam is a rendezvous for the dark forces of superstition and revolutionary insurgency.
17. schmaltzy:
(a) excessively ambitious
(b) excessively arrogant
(c) excessively sentimental
(d) excessively anxious.
Ans:schmaltzy: (c) excessively sentimental.
—Fortunately schmaltzy sentiment was furthest from the author’s mind when she wrote the book titled: “Razia—ThePeople’s Princess”.
18. tantrummy:
(a) sober
(b) excellent
(c) badtempered
(d) extravagant.
Ans: tantrummy: (c) angry, bad-tempered.
—The first few chapters of the novel recount fulminations against an alcoholic father, a socialite step-mother and a tantrummy younger sister.
19. venal:
(a) honest
(b) corrupt
(c) efficient
(d) official.
Ans: venal: (b) corrupt or money-loving.
—Some politicians stand condemned as being venal in their day-to-day lives.
20. zap:
(a) destroy
(b) construct
(c ) conspire
(d) perspire.
Ans: zap: (a) destroy or obliterate.
—The suicide attacks on the W.T.C. zapped the buildings in no time.

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