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English vocabulary Practice Set 5 for bank exams

1. azimuth:
(a) horizontal direction
(b) opposite direction
(c) planneddirection
(d) vague direction.
Ans: azimuth: (a) h o r i z o n t a l / u n i f o r m direction.
—His friendship with her is the story’s ill-fated azimuth which accurately approaches its doomed climax.
2. blarney:
(a) dull talk
(b) flattering talk
(c) critical talk
(d) informative talk.
Ans: blarney: (b) flattering/ charming talk.
—The tale was not of Irish heroism and blarney.
3. chuffed:
(a) offended
(b) compensated
(c) obliged
(d) pleased.
Ans: chuffed: (d) pleased.
—He was feeling mighty chuffed by the announcement.
4. demarche:
(a) political step
(b) cultural step
(c)restorative step
(d) fast step.
Ans: demarche: (a) political step or initiative.
—The UN Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan was issued a demarche for its indiscreet remarks on Kashmir
5. etiolated:
(a) strong
(b) educative
(c) weak
(d) aggressive.
Ans: etiolated: (c) weak.
—In the absence of work culture we are likely to end up as an etiolated society.
6. fiasco:
(a) agreement
(b) failure
(c) contract
(d) speculation.
Ans: fiasco: (b) failure (complete).
—The party was a total fiasco because the wrong date was given on the invitations.
7. generic:
(a) not factual
(b) not secular
(c) not religious
(d) not specific.
Ans: generic: (d) not specific.
—Most of the time we talk of corruption in generic terms.
8. halcyon:
(a) progressive
(b) orthodox
(c) peaceful
(d) rational.
Ans: halcyon: (c) peaceful, happy.
—In old age we generally remember the halcyon days of youth.
9. inimitable:
(a) worldly
(b) spiritual
(c) unique
(d) genuine.
Ans: inimitable: (c) unique.
—Kishore Kumar’s greatest contribution was his inimitable voice itself.
10. junk (v):
(a) reject
(b) select
(c) manage
(d) ignore.
Ans:junk (v): (a) discard, reject.
—It is no accident that the Chief Executive junked his absurd title and booted out the elected President.
11. legion:
(a) smooth road (to success)
(b) smooth sailing (on sea)
(c) large quantity (goods)
(d) vast number (people).
Ans:legion: (d) vast number (people).
—To her great surprise the dancer found that herfans were a legion.
12. misogyny:
(a)association of women
(b)  hatred of women
(c) pioneer of revolution
(d) ends of justice.
Ans: misogyny: (b) hatred of women.
—Her endeavour to create a feminine archetype is a standing rebuke to misogyny.
13. osmosis:
(a) sudden fall
(b) gradual acceptance
(c) mindless killing
(d) endless bombing.
Ans: osmosis: (b) gradual acceptance.
—Children seem to learn about computers by osmosis.
14. peppery:
(a) easily flattered
(b) hardly credible
(c) easily angered
(d) easily digestible.
Ans: peppery: (c) easily angered, hot tempered.
—In old age people generally become impatient and peppery.
15. rambunctious:
(a) cheerful
(b) defiant
(c) obedient
(d) informative.
Ans: rambunctious: (a) cheerful, noisy.
—In the birth-day party children were rambunctious.
16. spunk:
(a) tradition
(b) courage
(c) ritual
(d) confusion.
Ans: spunk: (b) courage/spirit.
—Like her mother, the Punjabi girl portrayed in the film (Monsoon Wedding) is full of spunk.
17. tenditious:
(a) not useful
(b) not competent
(c) not impartial
(d) not expensive.
Ans: tenditious: (c) not impartial.
—Such tenditious proposals as are being put forward to solve ‘trade-union matters’ are unlikely to succeed.
18. uptake
(a) gain
(b) lose
(c ) convince
(d) understand.
Ans: uptake: (d) understand.
—Political parties are quick on the uptake when starvation deaths are reported in the media.
19. veracious:
(a) truthful
(b) deceptive
(c) soft
(d) hopeful.
Ans: veracious: (a) truthful or true.
—He is a veracious fellow and you can depend upon his statement.
20. whiz:
(a) move very fast
(b) speak very slow
(c) walk very carefully
(d) invest with confidence.
Ans: whiz: (a) move very fast.
—A bullet whizzed past my ear.
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