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English vocabulary Practice Set 4 for bank exams

1. augury:
(a) belief
(b) profession
(c) sign
(d) accident.
Ans: augury: (c) sign, omen.
—Keeping out Ministers managing economic affairs from Musharraf’s delegation was not a good augury.
2. bulldoze:
(a) compel
(b) persuade
(c) digest
(d) divert.
Ans: bulldoze: (a) compel, coerce.
—She suffered as the Centre invoked its special powers to bulldoze her friendly Governor into resigning.
3. conman:
(a) expert
(b) cheat
(c) painter
(d) exporter.
Ans:conman: (b) cheat.
—Indian politicians, diplomats and journalists realise that the South-East Asian country has much more to offer India than a mere conman.
4. dowdy:
(a) unfair
(b) unwell
(c) unfit
(d) unfashionable.
Ans:dowdy: (d) unfashionable, dull.
—He is generally found dressed in dowdy clothes.
5. equestrian:
(a) horsetrading
(b) horse-sense
(c) horse-riding
(d) horse-shoe.
Ans: equestrian: (c) horseriding.
—The gift for the visiting dignitary has had shades of the equestrian.
6. festschrift:
(a) collection (of writings)
(b) collection (of art pieces)
(c) collection (of rags)
(d) collection (of facts).
Ans: festschrift: (a) collection (of writings).
—The stories are more in the nature of a festschrift.
7. hubris:
(a) excessive enthusiasm
(b) excessive indulge
(c) excessive selfconfidence
(d) excessive distrust.
Ans: hubris: (c) excessive self-confidence.
—The leitmotif of her last regime was hubris.
8. insidious:
(a) harmful
(b) colourful
(c) faithful
(d) shameful.
Ans: insidious: (a) harmful.
—By the time the person realised the insidious nature of a suspected muscle cramp or gastric pains, it can be too late.
9. jingoism:
(a) unruly mob
(b) unlimited resources
(c) unbearable pain
(d) unreasonable belief.
Ans: jingoism: (d) unreasonable/extreme belief.
—Patriotism degenerating into open jingoism can endanger peace.
10. kerfuffle:
(a) depression
(b) desperation
(c) noise
(d) silence.
Ans: kerfuffle: (c) noise, excitement.
—What is all this kerfuffle about?
11. leer:
(a) grace (natural)
(b) look (suggesting ill-will)
(c) nature (greedy)
(d) outlook (modern).
Ans: leer: (b) look (suggesting ill-will).
—He has a most unpleasant leer.
12. mooch:
(a) speak (aimlessly)
(b) work (carelessly)
(c) wander (aimlessly)
(d) comment (foolishly).
Ans: mooch: (c) wander (aimlessly).
—She was mooching around the house with nothing to do.
13. nuzzle:
(a) press (gently)
(b) help (timely)
(c) speak (slowly)
(d) push (rudely).
Ans: nuzzle: (a) press or rub gently.
—The horse nuzzled my shoulder.
14. pontificate:
(a) showdispleasure
(b) show disgust
(c) express opinion
(d)observe silence.
Ans: pontificate: (c) express opinion.
—Political pundits should pontificate on the  decline of the standards of debate in legislatures.
15 . rummage:
(a)climb cautiously
(b) attack abruptly
(c) defend awkwardly
(d) search unsystematically.
Ans:rummage: (d) search unsystematically.
—He rummaged in the pile and found the finest names in Indian music.
16. schadenfreude:
(a) pain
(b) pleasure
(c ) competition
(d) selection.
Ans:schadenfreude: (b) pleasure.
—Few things have created greater schadenfreude than the run-up to the Fashion Shows.
17. therapeutic:
(a) ugly
(b) healing
(c) alarming
(d) disturbing.
Ans: therapeutic: (b) healing, good, soothing.
—The lush green field of lady’s fingers along the rail tracks had an almost therapeutic effect on him.
18. vexatious
(a) annoying
(b) appealing
(c) amazing
(d) shocking.
Ans:vexatious: (a) annoying, worrisome.
—Militancy and maladministration apart there is the vexatious question of autonomy for Kashmir.
19. wimpish:
(a) wholesome
(b) wonderful
(c) lazy
(d) weak.
Ans:wimpish: (d) weak, timid.
—Most of his actions betray his wimpish character.
20. zillion:
(a) very rare
(b) very frequent
(c) very reliable
(d) very large.
Ans: zillion: (d) very large, indefinite number.
—She is a zillion times brainier than I am.
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