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English vocabulary Practice Set 3 for bank exams ibps SBI

1. ambidexterity:
(a) using both hands equally well
(b) using muscle and money power well
(c) combining physical mental power well
(d) depriving others of their rights.
Ans: ambidexterity: (a) using both hands equally well.
—With an amazing ambidexterity the journalist dug out photos of women he had also been friendly with.
2. bathetic:
(a) artificial
(b) scarce
(c) cruel
(d) ridiculous.
Ans: bathetic: (d) ridiculous, trivial.
—It is like a permanent show of the underdog versus the top dog—bathetic and violent.
3. chutzpah:
(a) careless conduct
(b) shameless impudence
(c ) priceless treasure
(d) reckless investment.
Ans: chutzpah: (b) shameless impudence/disrespect.
—He was not amused by the minister’s chutzpah.
4. doodles:
(a) careful calculations
(b) absentmindedly drawings
(c) hasty decisions
(d) thoughtful acts.
Ans: doodles: (b) absentmindedly drawings/writings.
—Satyajit Ray was an inveterate doodler and thus he left behind many of his innermost thoughts in the form of doodles.
5. eclectic:
(a) elective
(b) unique
(c) selective
(d) universal.
Ans: eclectic: (c) selective.
—Instead of seeking to explore the everyday or the eclectic realms of the little island, he chooses to write about the desert kingdom.
6. flailing:
(a) praying
(b) helping
(c) flogging
(d) approaching.
Ans: flailing: (c) flogging or beating.
—The verbal flailing was not without reason.
7. gadfly:
(a) pleasing personality
(b) horrible experience
(c) unreliable person
(d) annoying person.
Ans: gadfly: (d) annoying person.
—He is a master shortstory writer, columnist and literary gadfly.
8. inveterate:
(a) addicted
(b) ambitious
(c) arrogant
(d) soft-spoken.
Ans: inveterate: (a)
—To say the least, he is an inveterate gambler.
9. judas:
(a) saviour
(c) sailor
(d) banker.
Ans: judas: (b) traitor.
—He proved a judas in my hour of trial and trouble.
10. kinetic:
(a) produced by kicking
(b) produced by prayer
(c) produced by hammering
(d) produced by movement.
Ans: kinetic: (d) produced by movement.
—The most popular two-wheeler takes off with kinetic energy
11. levity:
(a) lacking energy
(b) lacking confidence
(c) lacking resources
(d) lacking seriousness.
Ans: levity: (d) lacking seriousness.
—Levity may seem an unlikely weapon to whip a lawless state into order.
12. morale:
(a) ethics
(b) morality
(c) confidence
(d) motivation.
Ans: morale: (c) confidence, enthusiasm or determination.
—The news is good for the team’s morale.
13. nugget:
(a) small but valuable facts
(b) old but popular jokes
(c) simple but strong people
(d) small but precious contributions.
Ans: nugget: (a) small but valuable facts.
—He possesses more nuggets of information and recollection on the national song “Vande Mataram”.
14. obfuscate:
(a) cooperate
(b) confuse
(c) compel
(d) coordinate.
Ans: obfuscate: (b) confuse.
—The Enquiry Commission has recommended stern action against officials for obfuscating information following the most tragic accident.
15 . prognosis:
(a )sample
(b) discussion
(c) forecast
(d) depression.
Ans: prognosis: (c) forecast.
—South Asian watchers from three reputed bodies in Washington got together for a prognosis on the India- Pakistan Summit.
16. rigor mortis:
(a) slackness of movement
(b) stiffness of death
(c) clash of interests
(d) temporary setbacks.
Ans: rigor mortis: (b) stiffness of death.
—If the Prime Minister takes some steps to lift the signs of rigor mortis that currently hang over the economy, he will have done enough to prove he is a real leader.
17. shepherd:
(a) guide
(b) divorce
(c) predict
(d) dismantle.
Ans: shepherd: (a) guide, direct.
—The book suffers from the editor ’s inability to shepherd the narrative as also the author ’s failure to communicate several impressions.
18. trichromatic
(b) multicoloured
(c) tricolour
Ans: trichromatic: (c) tricolour, three colours.
—Every year Independence Day is the annual trichromatic moment of platitudes and promises.
19. veer:
(a) verify facts
(b) win election
(c) change opinion
(d) assert authority.
Ans: veer: (c) change opinion or direction.
—Today’s writers veer between a dread of religious terrorism and a fascination for lifeless geopolitics.
20. woozy:
(a) mentally alert
(b) mentally confused
(c) mentally sick
(d) mentally depressed
Ans: woozy: (b) mentally confused, dazed.
—As a result of excessive drinking, he appeared woozy.
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