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English vocabulary Practice Set 2 for bank exams

1. acquiesce:
(a) define
(b) protest
(c) resent

Ans: acquiesce: (d) accept, consent (without protest).
—When our politicians do precisely what they are not supposed to do, we acquiesce and blame it on the system.


2. blanch:
(a) grow strong
(b) turn pale
(c) feel hungry
(d) walk fast.

Ans: blanch: (b) turn pale, fearful.
—He blanched (with fear) at the sight of the snake.


3. carpetbagger:
(a )opportunist
(b) driver
(d) nationalist.

Ans: carpetbagger: (a) opportunist.
—It is alleged that the UTI has become a favourite hunting ground of wellconnected carpetbaggers.


4. devious:
(a) cunning
(b) fair
(c) noble

Ans: devious: (a) cunning, dishonest.
—He has become rich by devious means.


5. esoteric:
(a) useful
(c) profitable

Ans: esoteric: (b) obscure, mysterious.
—Some of the esoteric applications of technology are less likely to succeed.


6. frenetic:
(a) dull
(c) offensive

Ans: frenetic: (d) excited, frantic.
—Some very frenetic activities were going on in the marriage hall.


7. grill:
(a) console
(c) question

Ans: grill: (c) question.
—The police grilled him for over an hour.


8. innocuous:
(a) short
(b) abusive
(c) harmless

Ans: innocuous: (c) harmless, inoffensive.
—He made a fairly innocuous remark in the meeting.


9. junk:
(a) lose
(b) gain
(c) swim
(d) reject.

Ans:junk: (d) reject, discard (unceremoniously).
—It is time we junked some of the irrelevant rituals from our lives.


10. leery:
(a) suspicious
(b) helpful
(c) hesitant

Ans:leery: (a) suspicious, cautious.
—I tend to be a bit leery of cut-price ‘bargains’.


11. malcontent:
( a )patriot
(b) adventurer
(d) partner.

Ans: malcontent: (c) rebel, faultfinder, insurgent.
—All the trouble is being caused by a handful of malcontents.


12. niffy:
(a) having pleasant taste
(b) having unpleasant smell
(c) having abnormal growth
(d) having short temper.

Ans: niffy: (b) having unpleasant smell.
—That meat is a bit niffy.


13. peripatetic:
(a) sticking to one place
(b)going from place to place
(c)donating in bits
(d) helping with reservation.

Ans: peripatetic: (b) going from place to place.
—The peripatetic accounts, sometimes with inputs from her husband, convinced her that spiritual transformation was key to societal change.


14. reprieve (N):
(b) punishment
(d) publicity.

Ans: reprieve (N): (c) relief, pardon.
—The prisoner won a last minute reprieve.


15. skitish:
(a) lively
(b) talkative
(c) silent

Ans: skitish: (a) lively, playful.
—She gets very skitish when her boy-friend is around.


16. tenaciously:
(b) cowardly
(c )promptly
(d) firmly.

Ans: tenaciously: (d) firmly, resolutely.
—Though seriously ill, he still clings tenaciously to life.


17. vaudeville:
(b) information
(d) entertainment.

Ans: vaudeville: (d) entertainment, variety.
—The evolutionary tale of Dravadian politics has been a long vaudeville of dark enemies and shining heroes.


18. woozy:
(a) confused
(b) enlightened
(c) insulted
(d) bored.

Ans: woozy: (a) confused, dazed.
—He looked quite woozy when I entered the room.


19. yen:
(a) pride
(c) longing

Ans: yen: (c) longing, tendency.
—The Pakistan military establishment has a yen for misreading India’s capacity to respond to their military adventures.


20. zing:
(a) opinion
(c) meeting

Ans: zing: (b) liveliness, energy.
—His slow-moving jerks have lost their zing.


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