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English vocabulary Practice Set 1 for bank exams IBPS & SBI

Friends , Here Find Below English vocabulary  words Practice Set for English Preparation part  for All Banking Exams (IBPS & SBI)
1. acuity:
(a) sharpness
(b) kindness
(c) hopelessness
(d) helplessness.
Answers. acuity: (a) sharpness, keenness.
—The Indian public do not lack intellectual acuity to be a toy in the hands of foreign media.
2. brandish:
(a) display
(b) disappear
(c) disappoint
(d) drown.
Answers. brandish: (a) display, show.
—She defiantly brandishes her small town breeding in all her works writings
3. cock-sure:
(a) certain
(b) conceited
(c) control
Answers. cock-sure: (a) certain.
—He was cock-sure that the colour of robber’s shirt was purple.
4. dilettante:
(b) professional
(c) lightweight
(d) guilty.
Answers. dilettante: (c) lightweight, amateur.
—The US Administration found the Indian Home Minister the hardnosed political practitioner and not the dilettante diplomat.
5. empathetic:
(b) explosive
(d) understandable.
Answers. empathetic: (d) understanding/understandable.
—At another level the book is an empathetic inner journey.
6. flaunt:
(a) instigate
(b) display
(c) sink
Answers. flaunt: (b) display, flourish.
—The party seems to have finally rejected the principle of collective leadership flaunted earlier with much fanfare.
7. gobbledegook:
(a)irrational approach
(b)meaningless language
(c)inflammatory speech
(d)derogatory remark.
Answers. gobbledegook: (b) meaningless/pompous language.
—Technical reports are  generally written in gobbledegook.
8. hypothesis:
(a) theory
(b) experiment
(c) conclusion
(d) recommendation.
Answers. hypothesis: (a) theory, assumption.
—The hypothesis published in the latest issue of a science journal says the body walks a tightrope between ageing and cancer.

9. impresario:
(a)director (film)
(b) ringmaster (circus)
(c) manager (hotel)
(d) manager (theatre).
Answers. impresario: (d) manager (theatre or opera company).
—The impresario left no stone unturned to make the show a success.
10. lap (v):
(a) eat fast
(b)speak slow
(c) receive eagerly
(d) build rapidly.
Answers. lap (v): (c) receive (news or praise) eagerly.
—He tells her all those lies and she just laps them up.
11. militate:
(a) operate
(b) open
(c) oppose
Answers. militate: (a) operate.
—Many factors militated against the success of our plan.
12. obsolescence:
(b) outdated
(d) troublesome.
Answers. obsolescence: (b) outdated, uselessness.
—In 1999 it was found that the country’s school education had been stricken with obsolescence.
13. panegyric:
(a) praise
(b) criticism
(c) denial
(d) forgery.
Answers. panegyric: (a) praise (speech or writing).
—He has made public panegyrics a habit on Prime Minister’s birthday every year.
14. rocky:
(a) stable
(c) simple
(d) shaky.
Answers. rocky: (d) shaky, unsteady.
—Their marriage seems a bit rocky.
15. stamp (v):
(b) invest
(d) eliminate.
Answers. stamp (v): (d) eliminate, destroy, suppress.
—Thousands of citizens and jawans were killed before terrorism in Punjab was finally stamped out.
16. tailspin:
(b) panic
(d) recession.
Answers. tailspin (b) panic, chaos.
—Since September 11, 2001, the world has been in a tailspin with the economy facing a slowdown.
17. umpteen:
(b) informative
(d) numerous.
Answers. umpteen: (d) numerous.
—Political parties have vowed/pledged umpteen times to root out corruption from public life.
18. vicarious:
(a) felt indirectly
(b) fought bitterly
(c) worked hardly
(d) arrived lately.
Answers. vicarious: (a) felt or experienced (indirectly).
—The father got a vicarious thrill out of watching his son score the hat-trick in a cricket match.
19. wheezy:
(a) easy
(c) respectable
Answers. wheezy: (b) difficult, tricky.
—Researchers in Japan have come to the conclusion that a clone’s life is wheezy, liverish (slightly ill) and short.
20. zeitgeist:
(a) vague explanation
(b) spirited reply
(c) defining mood
(d) ugly situation.
Answers. zeitgeist: (c) defining mood or spirit.
—Religious radicalism is the New Evil and this position is in tune with the global zeitgeist.
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