Friday, 11 December 2015

English Prepare : Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the given word

English Preparation for Bank Exams : 
Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. Obey
a) Attract
b) disobey
c) repel
d) diffuse
Ans: b

2. Alleviation
a) Lessening
b) magnification
c) intensify
d) aggravation
Ans: d

3. Transparent
a) Translucent
b) vague
c) blind
d) opaque
Ans: d

4. Virtuous
a) Vicious
b) vulgar
c) miserly
d) insincere
Ans: a

5. Cynical
a) Mature
b) eccentric
c) naïve
d) crazy
Ans: a

6. Malevolent
a) Kindly
b) vacuous
c) ambivalent
d) primitive
Ans: a

7. Erudite
a) Ignorant
b) unknown
c) illiterate
d) unfamiliar
Ans: a

8. Morose
a) Healthy
b) gloomy
c) haggard
d) cheerful
Ans: d

9. Antipathy
a) Indifference
b) willingness
c) fondness
d) liking
Ans: c

10. Churlish
a) Young
b) cultured
c) cowardly
d) accommodating
Ans: b

11. Desultory
a) Methodical
b) random
c) aimless
d) indiscriminate
Ans: a

12. Parochial
a) Broad-minded
b) contradictory
c) paranoid
d) overriding
Ans: a

13. Fickle
a) Belligerent
b) constant
c) disinterested
d) proud
Ans: b

14. Disgruntled
a) Contended
b) detached
c) obedient
d) vigorous
Ans: a

15. Vibrant
a) Feel aggrieved at
b) occasional
c) pale
d) shabby
Ans: c

16. Forbidding
a) Declaring
b) forcing
c) exposing
d) inviting
Ans: d

17. Reprimand
a) Bequeath
b) petition
c) praise
d) scold
Ans: c

18. Lush
a) Cramped
b) ridiculous
c) rampant
d) sparse
Ans: d

19. Tentative
a) Definite
b) outdated
c) preliminary
d) universal
Ans: a

20. Passionate
a) Abnormal
b) apathetic
c) oppressive
d) superficial
Ans: b

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