Thursday, 10 March 2016

IDIOMS & PHRASES Practice Set 1

Directions: which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the sentence
grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is mark (e) as the answer.
1. The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.
(a) bad as I had expected
(b) worse than I had expected
(c) worse than expectation
(d) worst than was expected
(e) No correction required
2. It is always better to make people realise the importance of discipline than to impose them on it.
(a) impose it with them
(b) impose them with it
(c) imposing them on it
(d) impose it on them
(e) No correction required
3. The crops are dying, it must not had rained.
(a) must had not
(b) must not be
(c) must not have
(d) must not have been
(e) No correction required
4. They were all shocked at his failure in the completion.
(a) were shocked at all
(b) had all shocked at
(c) had all shocked by
(d) had been all shocked on
(e) No correction required
5. He is too impatient for tolerating any delay.
(a) to tolerate
(b) to tolerating
(c) at tolerating
(d) with tolerating
(e) No correction required
6. Though we have kept in mind to try and maintain most facilities, we would like to request you to kindly bear with us any inconvenience that may be caused.
(a) must keep in mind to try and maintain
(b) have kept in mind to trying and maintain
(c) would keep in mind to try and maintain
(d) should have kept in mind to try and to maintain
(e) No correction required
7. The tea estate administration is in such mess there is no leader to set the things right.
(a) in such a mess here
(b) in a such mess that here
(c) in such a mess that there
(d) with such a mess that there
(e) No correction required
8. We met him immediately after the session in which he had been given a nice speech.
(a) would be giving
(b) has been given
(c) will have given
(d) had given
(e) No correction required
9. The moment the manager came to know of the fraudulent action of his assistant, he order immediately dismissed him.
(a) immediately ordered his dismissed
(b) ordered his immediate dismissal
(c) immediately order dismissal of his
(d) ordered for immediately dismissal him
(e) No correction required
10. The drama had many scenes which were so humorous that it was hardly possible to keep a straight face.
(a) hardly possible for keeping
(b) hardly impossible keeping
(c) hardly impossible to keep
(d) hardly possible keeping
(e) No correction required
11. He confidently asked the crowd if they thought he was right and the crowd shouted that they did.
(a) that he did
(b) that they had
(c) that he is
(d) that he didn’t
(e) No correction required
12. Acquisition of certain specific skills can be facilitated from general awareness, education and exposure to novel situations.
(a) can be facilitated by
(b) may facilitate through
(c) can be felicitated with
(d) may be felicitated with
(e) No correction required
13. The man who has committed such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment
(a) be getting the mostly severely
(b) get the most severe
(c) have got the most severely
(d) have been getting the severemost
(e) No correction required
14. The research study is an eye-opener and attempts to acquaint us with the problems of the poor nations.
(a) attempted to acquaint
(b) attempts to acquainting
(c) attempt to acquaint
(d) attempting to acquaint
(e) No correction required
15. If I would have realised the nature of the job earlier, I would not have accepted it.
(a) If I have had
(b) In case I would have
(c) Had I been
(d) Had I
(e) No correction required
16. He is a singer of repute, but his yesterday’s performance was quite disappointing.
(a) performances for yesterday were
(b) yesterday performance was
(c) yesterday performances were
(d) performances about yesterday were
(e) No correction required
17. The courts are actively to safeguard the interests and the rights of the poor.
(a) are actively to safeguarding
(b) have been actively safeguarding
(c) have to active in safeguarding
(d) are actively in safeguarding
(e) No correction required
18. Because of his ill health, the doctor has advised him not to refrain from smoking
(a) to not refrain from
(b) to resort to
(c) to refrain from
(d) to be refrained
(e) No correction required
19. What happens to all those travellers on the ship was not known.
(a) what happened of
(b) that is what happens to
(c) what is that happens to
(d) what happened to
(e) No correction required
20. Despite of their differences on matters of principles, they all agree on the demand of hike in salary
(a) Despite their
(b) Despite of the
(c) Despite for their
(d) Despite off their
(e) No correction required
Answers :
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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