Friday, 20 November 2015

Fill in The Blanks –English Prepare set 6

1. The doctor asked ...... there were any relatives of the patient present
a. if
b. that
c. how
d. whether
e. why


2. This pen is .......... two hundreds rupees
a. sold
b. worth
c. price
d. availed
e. less


3. The .......... of the businessman’s unnatural death has not been established.
a. motive
b. reason
c. cause
d. result


4. He .......... at M.F. Hussain’s painting in delight.
a. peered
b. stared
c. gazed
d. glanced


5. A person who readily ...... whatever is said to him is called credulous.
a. accepts
b. believes
c. rejects
d. forgets


6. He was ........ for the book but was unable to locate it.
a. finding
b. seeing
c. looking
d. seeking


7. The old gentleman ...... to be a very good friend of my grandfather
a. turned out
b. turned up
c. turned down
d. turned in


8. His ........ arrival gave all of us pleasant surprise
a. uncertain
b. informed
c. unnoticeable
d. sudden
e. irregular


9. They had to face a lot of ........ because of their disgraceful action.
a. outcomes
b. humiliation
c. sympathy
d. practices
e. compliments


10. Despite repeated ........, he did not give up his efforts
a. failures
b. successes
c. attempts
d. strokes
e. encouragements


11. Our proposal was accepted and therefore we are very ............
a. relevant
b. disturbed
c. pleasure
d. cheering
e. elated


12. We found him very .......... even at the age of eighty.
a. tired
b. small
c. nervous
d. old
e. active


13. The police had to use force to ........ the rioting mob and establish law and order
a. provoke
b. beat
c. outnumber
d. control
e. punish


14 If you fail to ......... your authority properly, they will remove you.
a. know
b. exercise
c. work
d. challenge
e. encounter


15. Result of all these plans would be ....... if they are not properly implemented
a. futile
b. fruitful
c. destroyed
d. encouraged
e. accepted

Answers :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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