Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fill in The Blanks –English Prepare set 5

1. I will be leaving for Delhi tonight and .... to return by this weekend
a. going
b. making
c. plan
d. waiting
d. likely

2. The cardboard box was ....... under the pressure of the heavy trunk and therefore could not be used
a. placed
b. disturbed
c. crushed
d. dwindled
e. taken

3. We have discussed enough on this topic, now we better ..... this topic and take up new one.
a. open
b. talk
c. bring
d. close
e. destroy

4. ..... my best efforts I failed to convince Sanjay about my proposal.
a. For
b. Despite
c. Since
d. At
e. With

5. We should take .......... measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents
a. effecitve
b. properly
c. in
d. for
e. aside

6. Savita decided to set ........ some time every day for prayers
a. up
b. on
c. in
d. for
e. aside

7. This year the prestigious prize was ...... by two reputed social scientists for their contributions in social sciences
a. divided
b. distributed
c. shared
d. honoured
e. conferred

8. An expedition of college students ....... the highest point of the Himalayan range
a. topped
b. obtained
c. scaled
d. rode
e. mounted

9. In his address to the senior managers, the managing director .... certain measures being taken for improving the office discipline
a. claimed
b. imposed
c. instructed
d. highlighted
e. counted

10. Ramesh’s opponent went to extreme to .... his business reputation
a. blacken
b. shine
c. disturb
d. soil
e. malign

11. Every manager and every clerk is expected to ..... the interest of his bank.
a. work
b. obey
c. defend
d. protect
e. increase

12. Had I known about the agenda I .... have attended the meeting
a. could
b. would
c. will
d. might
e. had

13. It is not possible to finance this project without increasing the ........ of deficits of the current year
a. length
b. magnitude
c. profit
d. stretch
e. misery

14. A special drive to increase the deposit base of public sector banks has been .......
a. launched
b. installed
c. moved
d. ordered
e. accepted

15. A ....... of trucks was kept ready to carry the food packets to affected people.
a. group
b. band
c. battalion
d. unit
e. fleet


Answers :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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